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Rid of those black streaks on your roof maybe moss growing on your roof by the way that his route you gotta get rid of that just spring on it's a hose connection is spread to thirty feet cover about two thousand square feet and given for six weeks and gone no scrubbing wet and forget that's what you're looking for if you want to just get the concentrate mix it in a container you can do that also so thanks to when forgets done for bringing this hour to you all right the lines are full so we're gonna get right back to work here we'll start with Paul Paul welcome hi good morning yes Sir whatever whatever you have to talk to the guy with the tile roof yes Sir there's a there's a briefing put down before I put the Tieline okay didn't put the the the heavy roof not not sell paper now you did that heavier roles like it basically almost stopped making lights on it's almost a membrane in it no they they spent like forty five fifty five fifty five thirty five is a about all different wait years ago okay with that doubt but anyhow that's put down first and then they put the tile over that right now what's happening is that under roof or start to break down and has that breaks down it starts on the brakes here there and everywhere else because it's just another words that's basically the roof that powers the keep that he decided everything all of it okay I have never taken off the power of that that I did have a couple of garbage cans full of birds mask dark the brave out before I even got down to take an active role ripping off and then there's I never take a line off and didn't have a good day I mean I'll get so hot it breaks up the work as far as lopsided roofers and people are finding good route for you find one who was at Tanner I always tell my customers you don't buy a soup without but the stock and played some people put on a roof you gotta put on everything I've seen on the gutters the Japanese the walls everything right right and you want to make sure I put the the flash again the bricks not put on the owner called him on Friday and then again if you can solder me even better right that's a better day to build this the flash he should be put on the plugs and locked concrete nails down to the wall you want to put a plug in there that expands and opens that joined up more so you get all the same stuff in there I do wanna slip and it don't don't just talk point you've got to make sure your sector all the while you get airline crack and I the water to portable crack his father I don't know about it as well Paul you know the interesting thing is in in when I had the NYC on who is the chairman of the thing contractors association it was interesting he put my refund and you know has all those qualifications that you were talking about but I had multiple quotes in it it literally amazed to me the quotes how incomplete some more and how they didn't address and and then Nick even said you know when it came to flashing I had one it said exactly that flashing is needed and when I when I built this house say copper flashings put on and I said to Nick I said well in that copper that's supposed to be like forever and then he goes well did they tell you the seams were broken on it but a bobbin anyway so yeah replace it it's a system in it I mean it's a system well everybody can put on shingles what you did that with the Canada put the stuff on there right water you got to make sure that there be a flash and have the proper height right what and the the shingles when it comes down to put launching boulders I like the thrill one channels because are smoother and I can pick up any defect is that when you got a random shingle like you know so rough you can't hardly pick up you're going to study it for a while in order to find a nails out of place of that's optimized I like the thrill one shingle and if you want to worry about it blowing off you can store may I went not a slave he has two singles prevails and it every which angle has two deals in it every single city up to the office of you got three one single male and a lot of that that's three individuals able to put one on each side of the ball and what are the chances he put in six deals percent right well what we were talking to we were talking about his fiberglass shingles asphalt fiberglass shingles and we're talking about how some people you know if you follow your manufacturer's recommendation which had shingles been tested and tested and retested sometimes we do more damage by improvising than we do following the directions for instance and metal roofing I get that a lot of people ask me about you know do I let it sit on the really existing rift I do furring strips study guides what's the manufacturers say well I don't know have a look at that well they're the ones that are testing that roof they're the ones that are warranting that the last thing you want to do is improvised to a point where you're going to cancel the warranty then again I and I think you agree you said find a roofer that's you know good ten or something like that it's all about finding the good roofer the ones that are going to do the job correctly to the manufacturer's specifications so if there is a problem we have some recourse on the guarantee on the war to the roof well thanks much for the call I appreciate your input on that Frank welcome every morning yes I have a forty five year old Richard build your dang on my roof for about thirty feet long box eighteen twenty inches out it keeps pulling the pain I got to get some kinda good primer to put one before it what do you suggest well this there's all kind of great primers out there there's great pains out there now unfortunately forty five years ago there wasn't so many great paints and primers so really what you're I'm guessing what you're suffering from Frank really is you know sins of the past okay and I have a lot of them yeah me too it is no fault of yours is just what we had what we had is we had oil based primers not wrong with that right you know multiple multiple multiple multiple coats of oil based paint after that which is what was available and what that did is it did not allow wood debris that did not allow the pain film the breed that did not allow moisture to work its way through the paint exhaust so what it did is it literally push that pain often peeled and in fact if you took a you know a say six coats of oil based paint and there was a way water was getting behind that pain in any number of ways you could have the pain the pain will eventually fail water always wins it'll push that paying off and that would be wet still I would not only inside the porch you're responding to a nine closure it's all right inside just your name so I'm having problems right well I mean moisture today somehow got behind the gutters maybe the flash ME could be multiple ways so here's a here's the deal you know I mean as much as you get it because I get this all the time and you know people just say I you know I bought is like fifty dollar gallon spectacular self priming pain I put it on in a year and a half it was peeling and what it was and peeling when you say what worded PLO deal all the way down to the wood yeah because this is the paint that was there so really the best way is to get it down to the substrate the best you can use a good acrylic bonding primer and then if you were going to use like a sure Williams paint they have a self bonding primer exterior paint called emerald in Ben Moore's got one called Iraq they're awesome awesome awesome paints but in order to you know enjoy the awesomeness it has to be down on the not old paint that has the potential for yeah it's great but down the bear with the questions folder they put in the houses you know not for insulation yes and I got a question on senator landing cancer causing agents you know if you go back far enough there was a lot from Malahide in that now a lot of it's for Malahide free so okay I know when I first came in the market twenty five years ago there was a male hides in it I'd say safe is anything now yeah okay no no no it didn't keep me busy you go always good to be busy Frank take care thanks for the call all right take a little break I'll give you the phone number it's eight hundred eight two three eight two five five you're at home with Gerry Solomon do your home improvement hours easy is calling one eight hundred eight three talk he's at home with K. our radio station.

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