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And if there's too much science fiction, we lose the drama. At least dubs as so they had a director on board. Rob Cohen director of fast and furious. The first one Warner Brothers looked at it was like, wait. We're making demolition man was semester. Stallone, right. We can do one of these two films because they're pretty much the same near future action films. So they shelved face off. They lost the rights because it expired. Meanwhile, the guys kept rewriting it. They said thirty five drafts from their first in ninety until the final shooting script and in these thirty five drafts. Yes. Arnold and saliva were couple Michael Douglas is a producer of this film. I didn't realize this that he produced movies like one flew over the coups. Oh, yeah. That's where he got his Askar while you got it later for Wall Street. Yeah. That's where he got his first Oscar. Yeah. I didn't know he produced, but it was going to be him in Harrison Ford. Yeah, I could see that. And then Bruce Willis with Alec Baldwin. Now, this really we could have covered it already. It was gonna be Pacino deniro. Yeah. There were years that this would have been the right pairing. But I do think they ended up finding the right pairing for nineteen Ninety-seven. They went over to paramount. And it was still a SCI fi film paramount option the script, and they rewrote it finally for modern day. That's when we took it. I guess it had enough character drama this time, he just finished broken arrow with Travolta they worked with him though. He kept wanting to push character. Push character. Had they rewrote. They rewrote they rewrote. And then they finally got it cast with an Oscar winning nNcholas cage and a fresh from a comeback, John Travolta. Now, I'd seen John Travolta in broken arrow was not very impressed at all with broken arrow. Honestly, I remember not liking the movie and Travolta's comeback on Pulp Fiction. I felt it was a little overblown. I thought he was good in Pulp Fiction, but. I mean, looking at the movies he did after that. I think Get Shorty is the only one I liked when we're dealing with white man's burden and Michael and phenomenon and most of those were hits I'm not saying that they bombed I'm saying, I don't like them. But Travolta was back. You can't deny that he was in demand. And interestingly enough, he almost didn't make this film because he was making something just like it with Roman Polanski, and they had a falling out. But he was often Paris in ninety six filming the double and Palance he wanted him to do nudity. And apparently said some things about Scientology to and Travolta walk walk off. And. Because I did walk off if he had done the double he wouldn't have done this move and nNcholas cage didn't wanna do this movie because he was at a career peak? He was in action hero with a gold statue on his mantle. He wasn't in trouble with the IRS. No, this is when he was buying all the stuff that God, even trouble with the IRS. Just bought a T Rex Colloton. Yeah. He was trying to be superman. I mean, they were still working on that. Tim Burton version. Yeah. Around this time is when all the leaked photos and video of him is coming out, and he read it, and they were offering him the role of castor Troy, and he's like, no, I don't wanna play a villain, even though. While filming this movie Joel Schumacher did approach him to play scarecrow in the next Batman film. And I think he would have done that one anything comic book he have. But when I was like, well, you're really only the villain for a little bit of the film. Really? You're the anguished hero Travolta gets to play two characters the hero and the villain. You get to play three. The hero the villain. But also the hero coming to terms with the fact that he's wearing the villains face so cage signed right on love. How intellectual they're trying to make all of the sound. Well it worked on me. Because I believe that having not seen the film. I believe that. That's what this movie was about that. It was a character piece like heat, but with John woo ballet violence. Did you see mission impossible to even remember and everyone said that was being bad? This is being good..

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