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Makes him incredibly can cry. It's a happy day. No, it is. It is very sweet. Now, have you had you ever felt that before, And then? It was like a misfire? No, I mean, I've been in like everybody I've dated has been a long relationship. You know, I'm saying, like, three years plus so I mean, it's it's you know, you know that. You know that feeling you get that feeling. And you know that this person you want to, you know, whatever. No, I think about this. He doesn't work out every time at the end, you know, but I very rarely have felt it. But I think maybe once I actually think it was possible, and then the person talked me out of it. Like like I think that the connection was there like I think that the elements were there like I don't. I don't doubt The feeling right? But I think That I well, well, I may have felt that way and could have maintained that I as I learned more than I began to realize that maybe I didn't know everything. You know what I'm saying? Actors for? Sure get can get in the way. I mean, I don't think that takes away from knowing someone that you either feel like you knew in a past life or you connect with on some level that you can't explain. I don't think you know other factors takeaway from that feeling. You could really feel that for someone and then life could get in the way. I think that I have a tendency to maybe want it to be that, like I couldn't have said it three times in three different people three times. And I don't know that it wasn't there. At one point, I just think Wow. Tom Skilling is skinny. I'm just looking at a picture of Tom Skilling. That's wow. You think like no, I just I just looked at me. This actually happens like he says. He says, I love you. And then it just gets this.

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