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By the end of the day we were branded chee bagger in its stock now i don't know who's why anyone would think it was funny to to label families with the derogatory sexual term but the communications director of the unit indy at a democratic party at that time thought that was funny uh i have documentation of that in fact for your your listeners who who uh are on twitter if you go to at spank city hall under my mama's in at spanked city hall you can find all kinds of source documentation of the regional tea party founding i documented everything very carefully i had a blog all of the bloggers in town at that time documented what was going on with the indiana cheap party on and then by the end of the year so we won the election in november of those seven you know the biggest election upset in the history of the state of indiana and by the end of the year uh i received the country's first in national tea party prize awarded by this sam adams alliance and foundation out of chicago i only this year found out that they were funded by the cook brothers they never all the cheered so the coq brothers stood give me five thousand dollars but i did no who they were and so we we had massive victory and i wanna say to that at that time that was the year breitbart started and i i don't know that i did this consciously unconsciously i harnessed culture and that's what made the difference andrew breitbart said the politics is downstream from culture.

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