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Even how we measure. Intellect and intelligence is not really important based on what you're doing. It's not always really about intelligence. There ought job descriptions out there that women read that they know are not for them as women. There's a code written in there that just makes it clear the ninja rockstar. Language that discourages women from applying. What is the race version of that and whether there are certain kinds of culture statements. That would very clearly signaled to a black person you know at this is not an inclusive environment when it comes to organizations absolutely the the case i would never go into a pub that has england flag bunting on the front. I am not an anti nationalist. I don't hate england. I know that not every public. England bunting is a. Bnp pope is a racist the b. m. p. is the british national party right. But i know that every racist. Emp pub. i've ever been passed on. Had trouble at has got england. Five bunting on the front so many organizations don't realize that when you look at their web site it's essentially england bunting a financial institution that we work with. I looked at their videos on their website. The first video that showed skydiving polo golf archery. Those are the whitest sports i can think of. I'm not even enough to play them. What we know about that is. It's men stuff and is white men stuff. Yeah and that's how you know this is not for me. Let's actually change the way that we present what our organization is all about and magically this this pipeline problem where we claim. There's just not enough talent. Might start to go away and stop making excuses right so there are lots of leafy suburbs. Where very nice organizations on based you've got some of the big bio farmers and they always say well. We can't get people who want to live in is like no black people like fresh attitu- it's just that if the fresh air also comes with a touch of racism then were a little less inclined to go and live there in. that's the differentiation. I would welcome the fresh air just without side of racism. Many workplaces have tried to fight that racism with unconscious bias. Training and. John is not impressed with the results. Can we have an evidence based approach to training. Please i love story but let's not have an anecdote led approach to training. This is what works and if it works on his unpopular. It's still what we do. Stop trying to teach complex nuanced stuff in three minute bytes. Let's do some team based learning stuff that's made a responsibility of senior people to teach which means that some of their time is going to have to be caught out to give them the skills to coach and teach because i think that's part of the responsibility of leadership. Let's stop criticizing people. For the development of talent let's abandon utilization cultures utilization cultures the billable hours culture of professional services. And let's rearrange this to a value based culture which will involve ongoing learning. That makes so much sense. I never thought about that as a piece of the diversity and inclusion puzzle and thinking of the develop feffer work showing that when people are paid hourly they start to think about time is money and they're not willing to do anything that doesn't have an immediate financial return that closes the door on all kinds of learning. Including why the hell would i ever attend a half day. Bias training workshop right. that's not generating revenue. We know that our attitude entering into education matters so if we enter into the idea. This is just costing me money. We're already in trouble at the same time. We know that there's so much that's mandatory and organisations. Why would this not be mandatory. If you have to do health and safety it's mandatory but being able to respect and show that there's dignity for your colleagues who are different is not. That's a weird message to send to me in our second episode on bias later this season we'll tackle wide training often backfires and what the evidence tells us about how to overcome individual and organizational bias. In the meantime my biggest fear when it comes to anti racism is that nothing meaningful will change. It's a fear of john's taylor. I remember nineteen ninety-one rodney. King was in america at the time. I remember dan rather telling everybody but he was telling me that. This grainy footage from an actual camcorder would change everything and here. We are during covid. A workforce became humanized. We suddenly realized not resources but the human beings who have worries in struggles in the morning and anxious and mental health was taken more seriously than his jim pass and then on top of that we had this shed psychic trauma for all black and brown people which is to watch somebody murdered for looking like you. It's devastating to people psychology. The biggest thing that i lent his jobs voice is that black people are strangers to white people and i think that wounds white people a lot that absolute abject lack of knowledge around the lives of black people is a choice. 'cause this television that sport there's so many ways to access the lives that colleagues and yet somehow we've managed to not know anything about them that hurts. So the hierarchies real and the window is.

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