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Season. And jimmy adamson the the manager echoed your thoughts z. Said villa tours. To pc's they were faster on the ball. They were quicker on the break and they were more positive in every way so clearly run. It really got you up for the challenge that was gonna end alternately in triumph on the second of may Knowing it one of course season started in nineteen eighty and you achieve something that no other team for seventy one years achieved. You won the league and it was a seventh time. That villa had won the league and attorney fear where it was the first Towing the aston villa be involved in in in in the football league which aston villa game where founder a member so in. it wadi was seven in verse. Number seven seems very lucky. Number for aston villa and i-it's i eason it all it was. It looks as though all the stars aligned for aston villa. You mentioned that midfield quartet and the one thing that i would say before we actually get into the nuts and bolts of the season. Aston villa would a very very good same. That wasn't a good same. They were an excellent. They revolve while. I drilled football team. I don't think sometimes when it me. So organiz people lou sense of what that team is all but in tony morley arguably one of the gripe taste rallied players in the country in danny small to my you add warriors head of a capture route. Twenty nine in seed you. At one of the greatest midfield generals in the middle of the park and dad was a tremendous not on calling. Today's but workhorse or pandera as well so it was a very functional midfield pizza with and gary shore must have been absolutely well. They would bless wasn't i. They must have been counting kempton their lookie stars again that they had such a tremendous midfield for on nation for for sure. As you said it will lead poll. Yeah i i think of is well go now right. Don't ya of talk that listen yet. No the blended midfield with with three different plays in a way. Yeah i don obviously told county. Tony be midfield players. I thought we would have full force to Some people thought it was a full three straight. But i thought visible full to with tony because tony get bucknell. Yeah you know if you remember anyone who remembers aaron tony about his role. He was always saying not. The money was threatening them to get back all the time and and and pick up any marauding fullbacks and antoni job to do so he always fitted back into into our three but the interesting thing about a street police. We played it. Essential three antonio why i've always i've always sending the replica. Vos was live appeal. Yep the replica. Them because they wouldn't trophy so many times but they. They had a very similar system to us except that they had sammy lee on the right wing..

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