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Mantis loki. I don't know. I can't decide where to go with this one rocket as far as it would definitely a surgically and like genetically altered raccoon is pronounced is time grew and wreck. Rocket are really a good choice for this role as well as i mean even the collectors like i've never met a group so one of the few if his only species at yep definitely. I think you've got to throw it in for goth girl. Hel the goddess of death. Oh true one hundred percent is owned most unique. She is definitely like dom in training high school. Kid that girl that just has so much fucking sexual swagger that you as a as a teenage boy are like well. I can't handle that. That's so that's ten years maybe from just like full swagger down the hall europe nope you you again. I cannot man. I cannot handle that hell is the right choice honestly and i feel like if she didn't win it she would kill people you're at like khloe grabbing boob y- level and this is like you're you're twenty twenty one. She's thirty twenty one foley doing it. She's like an expert ten times over here still at amateur yup. No can't handle that in high school. Not even a little then. Best dressed Tony's for sure. Oh yeah money. And he's got like a million of the mock mocks of the suit e effort versions of super suit vary as well as the best suits like regular people suits. Yeah out of all of them so yeah he's always been pretty good. I mean captain. America's suit truly hugs the curves and so we appreciate you also got jeff goldblum. He was definitely styling in his little. A little cloquet type thing And with the blue eyeliner that he was rocking details chosen to make up for that also valkyrie with the facial tattoos stuff that on. That was very very cool. Call then we've got best friends. This is tough. Because we've got tony and rhody tony and spiderman tony in spiderman. Peterman and happy. That's like a good ironic one that's one. That's kind of a joke. Yeah and then everyone does it. And it's cute and spider-man's thrilled and happiest so upset. I don't think this is necessarily my favorite couple. But i think it would be one of those like it's clearly the popular vote. Then everybody's going to vote for so why. Vote for anybody else. Because you know they're going to get it is going to be back in cash of course that even sam's like man i guess i mean i get it. I mean i voted for them to. He's like no. I know i know they've been friends with ninety years It happens. Yeah there the obvious job with you to the underlying. We've heard it stop. Stop yelling that all the time and then we've got. This is the tough one in a good place to end this most attractive. How far is tough. Is there some lookers. Black widow for sure obviously stunning Not that into captain marvel honestly like even the actress is like i mean clearly courts. Of course just doesn't it isn't like my doesn't draw me..

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