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Usage Bill. We have here in Vegas does. That mean, your company cannot do business as far as shipping, or is that just unknown in general with the federal regulation. I'm a bit ignorant in that regard. Of course. Yeah. There is no in any state, even if even per se, Nevada, you know, has an adult usage Bill passed no state can ship outside of their state because then you get to the federal regulations in your breaking federal law. Once you do that. So even if you have a living in adult USA state, kind of like, Colorado, California, Nevada, you cannot ship across state lines. So urinary Zona, it is a medical. It is a medical program, but we do have what's called chronic pain under here, which most of the patients prescribed at our medical card under his under crowding pain. So yeah, we will be all we can ship all around errors until the federal laws change. So our demographic will be everywhere and anywhere in all the retail locations in the state of. Arizona until the federal laws change. And then, you know, again, we're building a significant disabilities up acidity that can produce a lot of candidates eventually. And so we'll be prepared to be able to cross those state lines. When those in that time comes and just a quick follow of anecdotally as far as pain management. I imagine, you know, Arizona veteran friendly stepfather myself as a veteran started using CBD and getting off a certain medications. Are you seeing that anecdotally at least with your interaction as far as far as people and what CBD's being popular for an older crowd as well. Yeah. Big time. One hundred percent VA is a big thing. We we actually are in the process of putting in a license to help the VA in the whole southwest region actually here since our facility is significant enough to be able to do. So so we are in the cost of putting an application into able to distribute cannabis to the VA's around the south west region, but it's huge huge NAN Guinot. We're seeing a lot of a lot of things going good with VA in how beneficial it is, you know, to all these people all these service members, you know, in the BA, but not only just people in general, you know, and yet we intend on setting up programs where we can make these meds medicine. You know available to people who can't really afford it as well. So we're looking to do some big things, you know, out here. And yeah. In touch on the CD because I know you've been you've been mentioned, the CD ABC the new research coming out, you know, cana- cannabinoid, which is a cannabinoid THC CD so on so on I don't want to get too much into because I make you know out on this for a long time make your fuzzy little head pop. You know, but you see an entourage act. You know, starting to be more of the case instead of just CDI. So I would say if you're leaning towards Justice DVD cod product you want to really look for full spectrum CD rather than a speedy isolate which doesn't bring on the entourage that. All right. Like, I mentioned earlier we have Michael Johnson here with us, Michael. We're going to get in this business or what you put up ten grants, but me ten grand. And we'll get something. Yeah. We're on the on the phone with man right now. What do you think that I'll be down? Sounds like he's right on track quit at jersey. Congratulations. By the way, you know. It sounds like you're on the right path. You know, and I'm glad to see you're happy and have something to keep you busy and keep going after fighting because as one big thing that a lot of guys typically get lost on, you know, we're down fighting are done playing your sport. And And you. you end up being bored and what nothing to do. So you're definitely China. Make a change in as I appreciate it. Keep on yet yet. You know? I think it's, you know, I think it, you know, I just as well as I do, you know animate, and man, you know, they're like your ex girlfriend, and they love you when you're hot..

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