United States, Julius Caesar, President Trump discussed on BBC World Service


Took off two us corporations have ended their sponsorship of the new yorkbased production of the shakespeare play julius caesar in which the roman leader is portrayed in a way that resembles president trump one of the former sponsors delta airlines objected to the way the trump like lead character is killed those are the natives stories from pbc news twenty hello and welcome to crowd science on mony chesterton and i'm enjoying a nice cup of tea with a man nancy stuff because he grazed the staff head gardener jonathan giants good we've been and his plantation loesch green hillsides covered in means waste tiger she's which has thriving on the sunny weather infrequent chalice is this right weather for a cup of tea eating these is perfect whether you know doging showers and there's no trouble should great and grave that cannot be much demon which two couple of tea conceived by the brits love it we just coming from himalayn valley thought we not in the hills of china or dodgy ling crowd science is on a tea plantation in the south of england a country name fritz teadrinking skills rather than its teagrowing ability nice to break it is too cold to greg t plants we've come to visit the exception because this is the show that aren't says your questions that life the universe house make a cup of tea and this week listener rose has been wondering about we'd weather say sit back pop catalan what's the question rose high crowd time i limping the village endeavor in the uk down in southwest it does seem to rain more here than it down six miles in any direction from here and i are wondering why the weather from people just up the road thanks rose you've given us the perfect opportunity to fulfil the british cliches of drinking tea and talking about the weather but what is weather in one way it that will via it all masefield silly to try to describe it it's the stuff going on outside the wind day but to study its inherit changes it helps to think of weather is the atmospheres reaction to the uneven way the sun heats the earth this uneven heating forms hot and cold air masses which caused wind clouds and rain but what roles is talking about is the difference between one village in the next it's mini weather a microclimate it just so happens that the uk's.

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