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The un says a planned visit to me and bars rick hinds state which has seen a mass exodous of minority muslims has been postponed by authorities at least in two different occasions aid convoys were stopped and searched not just by the authorities but actually by digital anti mobs and there was a sense that that was a great deal of insecurity around these missions which a much needed in the area so this latest step will come not just as a setback but also as a big disappointment to the un to the international community which is trying to put pressure on the myanmar government to let at least eight groups into that area bbc's on joining drummed toshiba and a consortium led by bain capital a bank to deal for the sale of the japanese electronics companies computer memory chip business as as a move that was long opposed by toshiba's us joint venture partner western digital news and analysis a town hall it's that time of year again health and human services secretary tom price went before cameras to get his flu shot part of a publicity campaign to remind americans today should get one to william shatner medical director of the national foundation for infectious diseases says there's enough vaccine for every one despite all this we are still not meeting us public health goals for influenza vaccine coverage health officials say the flu season could be severe one the southern hemisphere particularly australia was hit hard with a strained called the h three n two known for causing serious illness in seniors i'm worn in levinson north carolina's outer banks reopening the tourists after hurry came maria rush past the barrier islands causing some coastal flooding ocracoke islands evacuation order was lifted this morning berries to ocracoke from cedar island and swan quarter are now back in service the ferries from hatteras island.

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