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Two, one, four, four, nine to learn more about how you can get started investing in some of the best cashflow markets today Aaron Chatman welcome to the show brother how you doing doing good man doing good. How are you guys really good start off telling us a little bit about yourself and how you got started in real estate. Twenty. Four years old I live in minutes out of Louisville in Jeffersonville. Indiana I have two little dogs that love and I'm actually about to get married in October to my best friend. Some pretty exciting. Thank. You pretty excited about the I got started in real estate a year ago is when I closed on or first property do plex here in Jeffersonville and I got started basically bigger pockets just by happenstance searching podcast and when I did it was all downhill from there as soon as I found it that was running star I dug right in got the books Brandon Turner was like Dunk. The epiphany was the kick I needed to get me where I was going. So yeah, that's especially I got started is Brandon Turner the new Robert Kiyosaki. Our Aleksei I would say he's right there with Robert Sake I read rich dad poor dad when I was eighteen, a teacher gave it to me so that really set me on the course to look for that sort of thing in life and to try to get out of the rat race but I wasn't able to actually do it because I thought you had to have all this money instead of ending. When I was twenty two that's what I found bigger pockets in. That's what let me know like Hey I can actually do this. I'm capable this without being rich. So I don't know if you guys know this but our producer let me on a little secret that you guys actually have something in common with recording bigger pockets, podcast episodes. So Aaron your life or your fiance actually surprised you correct for your birthday. Application for this and Philippa. His wife actually direct message bring your on instagram. argued. What's your episode? Yes I remember they know. Me and me and Brandon's wife share birthday. So. My wife deemed brandon and told him if he could have a thirty minute conversation with me and he says, typically, he doesn't answer those things at all. But it just kind of like his wife had a birthday. I had the same birthday like it just kind of the universe kind of put together and and and it's funny because when he called me I told him I didn't think it was him and remember hang up on him or was about to, but he was like, no, it's me it's brandon and I was like. Really, funny. Like whatever and and you know Muslim But yeah, exactly. Exactly. We know it's really cool that your wife put you on. So shout out to the to the women in in our lives. Together Because we loved. The Youtube video links to kind of get to hear more about you only watches. She won't let me see. She said you can't see. So overseas. Yeah. Yeah Yeah. Okay. So let's get back in to your story. How many units are you at now and you have something under contract? So. We actually closed on the sixteenth of July on three units and that completed the five doors and we've actually got that fully tended to now. Now, just looking to buy the next one. At four clicks, and then I'm doing some driving for dollars tonight and I'm build now kind of Meller list using drugs for dollars right now, what is what is that driving for dollars? Look like for you Aaron what do you do Kinda give us a little bit of that mechanics of that were. Yes. So me and my partner actually partnered on the last deal the three clicks with a good friend of mine. So what made him do we work together to? So basically after work. Tonight. He gets off at seven. I'M GONNA go meet him We have a criteria that we use and then we just go in you know in our neighborhood surrounding counties kind of the area we're looking to invest we drive we look for our criteria and then we get the address of the property do it the hard way but in a google doc than we go home hop on the county tax assessor website put the address in we get the owner skip trace that in. Building a Miller that way. Nice. So tell us a little bit kind of dig into your deals what you do give us a background on yourself. Talk all things real estate in your life and they will move.

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