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Shit. What big time College football is all about. Here's your host pile trait. Everyone. We hope you had a good Thanksgiving. The story of last week was the release of the inaugural college football playoff rankings, and there wasn't much surprised at the top. Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson and Ohio State are ranked one through four respectively. And right off the bat, the Irish faced what is likely its biggest hurdle before the A C C championship game on December 19th at 70 in conference play and rank second in the nation. The Irish were a win away from clinching a spot in Charlotte, but they were given all they could handle with a road trip to Chapel Hill. To take on a North Carolina team that's top 10 in the nation in scoring offense averaging over 43 points per game. We're excited to watch this game every Notre Dame game. It's fun to watch. But outside of the Clemson game, I think this lines up. This looks to be the toughest test yet North Carolina kind of a surprise in the top 20. They should've been 19 in the college football rankings. Offense really jumps out. One of Mack Brown stated goals when he returned to Carolina was to make the heels relevant on the national scene again and today with a prime date, a prime time in a prime time opponents. The number 19 heels have a big opportunity at the national level, third and goal for Carolina from the six first possession of the game for the heels, Notre Dame had to punt. On its initial possession. How immediately looks to the right is hit hard as he throws and it is Heart touchdown. Carolina would have grabbed by every Simmons in the back right corner for the score. Holy smokes. Wanna play by that young receiver to make it seven million book under center second goal from the to Kyron Williams behind him. Book takes the ball, hands off to Williams up the middle powers his way into the end zone. Touchdown. Notre Dame 5 19 left in the first and we are all sided, severing up second and now 16 for the eels. Al is gonna throw lets it go deep. Diani Brown is there brings it in at the five Diani drags down inside the one for those two have done that a couple times, Haven't they first and goal at the one How play action to Williams comes near side and pounds his way through a couple of Irish for the touchdown. This cool game so far for Sam how he took a major shot on that deep ball to the Army. Brown Carolina leaves it 14 7 with 2 59 to go in the first quarter. But the next time the fighting Irish defense stop Steve Tar Heel offense will be the first to drives to touch that low snap comes up with it backpedals out of trouble now wheels out to his right side and finds Kyra Williams of the 10 inside the five Dies for the pilot. Touch down Notre Dame, not how it was drawn up, but six points is six points. Amazing fireworks display to start this game. 28 points in just the first quarter wound. That was fun. That's the whole game in the first quarter, right there on Lee one quarter, North Carolina has 14 and second ranked Notre Dame. They also have 14 You're listening to the Notre Dame radio network. 5 50 to go first half game tied at 14 Heels haven't going left to right fall on the far hash with a lot of space to move 97 yards for a touchdown. 1 15 to go That back spot down Acting's does kick it away on it is good Tarheels have the lead. 17 14. He's all set. We wait for the snap in the hold. Snap hold good. Low kick is up. Wait for a sign. It's good. So Jonathan Doors 32 yard Field goal ties this game. It's 17 in Chapel Hill two seconds until half tonight has fallen here in Chapel Hill. Cool. Clear evening, Notre Dame and Carolina tied up with 17 2 ranked teams been an adult fight. Those parts wanna drive for Notre Dame to start this second half their first possession of the third quarter started on their own three yard line. Second down three. Now from the 13 hand off around the right side across the 10 inside the five bench score. Ah, Nick All the receiver run to the right into the end zone Touchdown. Notre Dame 13 plays 97 yards and Notre Dame now leads North Carolina, 24 to 17, with 705, left in the third quarter door made a 32 yard or at the end of the first half. Give Notre Dame a 10 point lead Carolina Darn near blocked it, and he missed it. Missed it wide right, and the missed field goal keeps us a one score game. We'll see if that play looms large. Lot Factorial offense, which has been stymied here in the second half. If they can get to work. Here comes the blitz against Howell stands in steps up fighting to stay up and goes down. Now it's 35 on their own 41. Here comes the blitz again. They hand it off to Williams around the left side men at the 40 and rip down. Notre Dame's defense came to play here. The Latter part of the first half and all of the second half here. This will be six possessions for the team that scored in the fifties. Their last two games with only three points will go to the fourth. Mack Brown has said multiple times this week if his team could get this game to the fourth quarter and being shouting distance. He feels like they have a good chance. They're down seven with 15 minutes to go from Deerfield. I am seek out this'd is huge. Right here. Ryan Sam Howl and the number one ranked offense in the A. C. C. They have been stymied this entire second half, but they trail only by seven. They are explosive. They've won the fourth quarter in every game. They played so far. Big play here third down in San from the 41 from the shotgun, three wideouts to his right. Maps for the ball. Notre Dame brings four How will steps up? He's in trouble escapes pressure, but not for long. Howell sacked in the backfield in on third and send the Notre Dame defense comes up with a sack. Fifth sack of the night lawsuit to block becoming a factor. 5 52 to go Heels down seven in the fourth quarter. Still just a one score game target defense has forced three consecutive stops this half of Miss Field goal and then two months they'll try one more time. Get the ball in the hands of the offense. First down and 10 long way to go from their own 10 yard line, moving right to left ball before Hatch. Bookies in the shotgun. Cailan Williams shifts to his left inside, Give Nice hole across the 15 and 20. Now it's a foot race. 30 40 running down the near side line across the 50 run out of bounds at the 43. What a hole right up the middle. And then the acceleration from Kyron Williams, the Irish first and goal from the one yard line. Brian Ian book under center Tommy tremble as the fullback and Kyron Williams. As the eye back takes the hand off up the middle into the end zone. Touchdown. Notre Dame That's the touchdown that will do it here in Chapel Hill, 1 20 left in the game. Fighting Irish lead the Tar Heels 32 17 and second ranked Notre Dame moves to nine and on the season with a 31 17 win here in Chapel Hill. I can't say enough how dangerous a team is when they never believe they're losing the football game. Notre Dame had not seen firepower like that since Clinton. Oh, by the way, another game they've won this season and North Carolina came out with 14 points in the first quarter. That was the last time they scored a touchdown for the rest of the game. Paul Burmeister and run And Harris from Westwood, one with Jones Angel on the Tar Heel Sports Network. The Notre Dame defense pitches a second half shut out. He and book continues to lead the offense and the Irish are nine and oh, with a 31 17 smothering of UNC.

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