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He's doing things Yeah yeah now idea of of kind of pleasing in tenure or categorizing um on. I think it's something that would be on. The face of. It seems quite simple today. But i think actually could be quite difficult you with sort of the just the trajectory of things and high much. There's over loud bang and bear in mind when some of the songs may have initially been created but no actually recorded albums. Yeah yeah night because western stars was actually recorded. You know several years before he released it and What are your thoughts on like western stars and letter to you. I love them. Both western stars in particular. I don't know why. I think i probably less to western stars a little more than letter to you. I guess And i didn't think i would have done that. But i have done again. I'm not sure if it's the fact dole's the car jerks the car duration what's That kind of double meaning of a of western stars means within the title And i just. I'm so hooked on moonlight. Motel unstoppable particular From western stars does nothing against letter to you because i adore ladder. T. eight. I think sort of that rav songs on it Such as you know the power of prayer rian maker If i were the brakes on me as there are so many days on my commute to work where i'm sort the last five seven minutes of my journey and i put it on if i were the on. There is nothing like rocking up to school with the guitar solo. That ends if i were the brakes just said she all through your day so i really enjoyed the latest I felt like western stars. And a lot of ways could almost be a collection of elmore leonard short stories or zane grey's restores right so it is a very Cinematic and literary album is filled with little short stories So i could see why that would.

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