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Place where legends are made. It's impossible jumps. That seem to freeze in mid air and spectacular steals. That you didn't see coming. It's that one play that lasts seconds that you will talk about for the rest of your life and let's face it. It's the unpredictability of all. Never knowing when the next big moment will happen. Huge wins and crushed dreams. It's the drama of it all. You just can't make this stuff up that's the nba. that's game the nba playoffs are happening. Right now don't miss all the action to peeps to the peace. We go labor standard disclaimer guys. Prefer to talk about winners we refer to talk about. Mostly try to bring up unique matchups though again. There's a lot of overlap. please keep in mind. Guys fighters already books that having a bunch of times this week. Mike and so i'm not reading out. If you guys are wondering why oh why was my response not read. You did not know that. This person was already booked. So i didn't read it. You have made some other mistake class. They could have fought could have fought this person already. You forgot this someone could be injured and we just don't i mean why even mentioned that then and of course most importantly your pick might just be a doodoo and We don't wanna read it so keep that man guys sent something. It doesn't get read. You may have broken. One of these rules yes Let us begin with brandon nunez who coined hashtag brown last week after map. Browns win He said jeremiah. Wells after his debut versus chaos williams. That's just a sick insane crazy. Fire right there's a lot of williams mentions this. We need to get this matter fight soon. Because i saw him. He was matched up literally. Every every welterweight on this Shafqat rachmanov response abo. Yes is absolutely. The fights. Make brandon Fairly versus dewa do volkov versus jersey. Zeno i assume win or lose gone versus deep a so. Well done Oh boy is a lot of these ronin murphy. He even warned me new card. So some pixar. Common mcconnell with great wins. So maybe your close it's got annihilated against baena. So it'd be good name your car. If he wins in a good name from account ofi wins Tim means i wanted to fight. Roberts lawler there you go Annoyed about fever pineda but definitely good decision to stop the fight. Think feeling would've won so he should get a step up fought use of society. Can't go without. I've should fight. Cody stayman i like it blazer. Should the title evasive versus greg. Hardy winner. What do you think about that. A surfer buzzer versus the two of us a hearty win. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah i mean. I i prefer to bossa But i think either one probably wouldn't wouldn't make sense. I'm not against it. But ben roethlisberger and ronin murphy. Who by the way. We're listening to something to Would like cyril gones ciragan versus john jones. What that man is this real. This is set multiple appeal business. And the i was mentioned that it was crazy. I guess it's not crazy. I mean the jones fight. Yeah that's what you find in there and fight ahead heavyweight please. John just gets. If john's is just like i just wanna to find me. Anybody that's kind of what would he would wanna see Bryant chambers had a ball tournament today since nova scotia finally started lifting restrictions. Brian does a fellow canadian. Shut us So i missed the fights but want to throw a four matchups gone verses. The loser of whoever fights francis for the title next bozo versus walt harris. Step back for harris that he needs and it bows her winds finally gets that when he really needs Run back pineda versus feely rachmaninoff versus the king of kung fu south. That's not that's a good fight to. I'm okay with that one. He's top fifteen guy so that works for me robbie ryan good day. Gentlemen this week's comments on ufc. Vegas thirty. don't know why volkov gave up on the early success with attacking guns lead leg zero gone versus john. Jones would be entertaining. Hell but i think converse steep will be the next appropriate matchup. Tanner bozo great but still question marks on his grappling heavyweight. Shallow he could still face a ranked opponent like google. Roy ivanov or walt harris next though Aka love the harry. Harris is too. I love the harris matchup. 'cause but we've been. We have been campaigning for a long time for them to just give harass someone that he can just knocked the hell out and that i do not think that is tender buzzer yet. I think i think it's more just. Let's not get him in there with the guy who could take him down. And just s- mushroom like i kind of buzzer would beat them also animals but like he's really he's so tricky and so fast on the feet like that's not now. I'm all serious really fast too for everyone. I'd say but yeah. I stand up fight. I think that's why people kind of want to see it like it gives more of a chance. Just because it's like chris barnett natter. You know what i mean. We know we want crispin at rocky martinez. But i don't one of them. The winner of that Let's see andre philly versus shane burgos. Why not feeling very popular choice here. Even though it end and just quickly on portray versus mcgregor. Upcoming logic says dustin. But i have a feeling connor something up his sleeve. So robby ryan's right. What does that mean Our man's sneakers flippers. Back in our lives are big. Fran from italy francesco. God versus gano. He's just going right for the ballot. He's the tree number one contender. Some people want those are. I saw this a couple of times. Boza versus alexander radulov. Yeah i'm okay with it. I saw it mentioned as well. Yeah not not my not metro. Proposer value for stayman means versus outs moreno Waikato versus nazar ad hoc past rachmaninoff versus. Jake matthews julia. Oliver suggests rose clark jeremiah. Wells versus empa- cassandra. Nye yeah I've elaborate just clark is i think. That's that's that's the best match up. I think i saw suggests this week..

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