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But now i'm reading excited to have with me for this conversation david french david french is probably the most conservative think of that i've had on the podcasts so fox he's a senior fellow at the national review institute and writes a lot for national view itself as a staff writer that he's also past president of dacians individual rights in education i've gotten to know david little bit of past year and he's truly one of the most decent people i know who's being attacked and vilified and really nasty ways about the trump is right and i think that if anything encapsulates the coalition of democratic forces of over decent people who have deep disagreements as you'll see of adiala g and worldview the two can actually come together to defend some basic institutions than it's hopefully people like david and i and we expect some of our rowdies and some differences and really wide ranging from komo's ation over the next forty forty five minutes or so so i'm a hub enjoy compensation welcome david thanks for having me so listen you a proud member of conservative movement you writer for national review and you saw of the course of a primary a lot of people with whom you foot you agreed on a lot of important political matters supporting a candidate who strongly strongly dislike new stanley disagree i think there's a set of questions they have about how it made you feel and so on i don't get to sake too early in this in this conversation i one of the things but i'm wondering about sort of what that reveal to you about the differences you have people where you you might afford you had some allowed is always awale those differences and veja sort of played out that political situation well you know in any movement you're aware that there's a range of people with a range of different levels of individual character so that aspect of it shouldn't surprise anybody if people reveal different kinds of character under stress i think.

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