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Yesterday's up Patrick boss governor John bel Edwards is urging residents to stay vigilant as forecasters expect life threatening flash floods to occur across parts of the south Louisiana area overnight during a news conference Saturday night Edward said at that even though the tropical storm berries Wednesday of weekend the threat of rain is significant officials say power is being restored to thousands of customers Manhattan that caused a stalled subways elevators and dark and mark keys in the theater district in Virginia have confirmed the human remains found a trash incinerator earlier this month belong to a two year old boy who went missing after police said a brief statement Saturday the DNA analysis has confirmed the remains are those of no Tom one small your troops have shot dead all the attackers inside a hotel compound following that tack that lasted more than fourteen hours and dealt a blow to the government's efforts to hold nationwide one person boat Alexian this is Esther news okay everyone here and I'm speaking to Philip in Chicago Philip I did some research during the break black owned businesses about ten percent this is from a black top five Benfica American owned businesses Investopedia and it's about ten percent of Americans businesses are owned by blacks two and a half million as Mrs are owned by African Americans some reading correctly from the from the data the other question was are Americans racist I don't believe they are nine certain that the vast majority are not do you believe that the average white is racist because every left the says they are whether white or black I'm just curious if you believe it we can argue with you I just want to know if you believe that well I don't believe all white in the form all.

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