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And i it does make me i often. I'm in the last few days of sort of talk about a preemptive criers when it's over which again is out. Sounds quite weird. But i'm thinking about the end and it's going to be emotional. Isn't it when when they saw sort of wraps up. I think that's the sleep deprivation joke. It'll it'll italy that for you. Yeah i i think he'll. It'll be very interesting if nothing else. It's a good chapter of the inevitable autobiography in kennel. Twenty years so is there. An autobiography called unbroken. Is that the name of oh. Is someone that aim of barack obama's new automobiles or or is that michelle obama's no she's becoming. Oh my god. Can you imagine becoming coming noth. I sweat well. I was gonna say broken jordan. Break them but maybe the Jones autobiography is going to be called. Happy place i mean come on oh yeah of course well in another world the second one might be broken when or happy place colon picky completely nonsense echo which makes sense now this time last week. What we did was chatted through a few of the questions. So i think there's an opportunity to onto some more. Some more of those. I put it out on inscribed the other day to go through chaos. I what do you think jordan. More say when he discovers. Ben has taken his place. Well jordan should we let them into a secret so when when we knew this was going to be happening a few weeks fort was announced when it was definitely confirmed he he was going. We you and me start as a plot what we were going to do. And we decided that we wouldn't tell jordan because we didn't concern him. He had enough on his plate. Worry about so we wouldn't. We wouldn't worry him once he's gone. We can do what we like basically but he did manage to emotionally blackmail us before he went to tell him what we were going to do. And so he he is aware but on. I ain't think he is aware off is and i say these words reluctantly. It's a sunday some unfailing. He wasn't aware of how good you would be in his shoes while compliment. I mean i'm. I struggled to skip back a bit. Because when it was are off to tell jordan. This offer news that i be switzerland. The microbes first time. Who was it down to. It was down to me one of those situations where there's this awkward thing that everyone knows needs to be said. There's a group you know they need to say something to someone in the room silent and you just know that everyone's looking at you wasting you'd say something and as you'll know if you listen to the podcast regularly. I don't say so difficult for me but no here we are. I mean i haven't taken his place. Let's make that very clear jordan. Very much be back on the mike fame monies back from the cost. So don't worry about that. it's been good fun. Hasn't it william. And i like to think that maybe jordan more laugh at least one in my jokes. Probably the bush one when he listens to these. Yes the the crew district james. We've had another question here from sarah. What has been jordan moment of the series so far. Well i think you may have different. Thoughts is is is the vine volt happy place chanting that he did not so much. Anything jordan is that that was his moment of the series so far because obviously those celebrities have no idea what is being broadcast mean. Look at the the show. Is that of ninety minutes. Maximum per night. I'm sure there's all sorts of comedy gold and things that have gone on that we haven't seen but the fact that he is he plays happy. Place has inspired in the news. The other day it's raised over twenty thousand pounds for Burnley f c t shirts that you can buy if you by the way. Jd was want to to buy them. There's a lincoln all bio on twitter or on instagram. Click on national. Tv you to the right page. The proceeds from it go to among others pedals hospice course. We interviewed bethann sammy a few days ago. I think when jordan comes out regardless of anything else that will be his proudest achievement. I think back to when we saw anson deck talking about that trial on instagram stories. Saying this is one of the best trials we have done. And i think we were both quite nervous about that because it was audio jordan but he got in volts and i can say stole the hearts of the nation. He has been on sky sports. He has had bernie players talking about. He's raised thousands and thousands of pounds of charity. Just because he was really scared and he got taken to a took himself to his happy place so when he discovers that he's going to i think as you as you've mentioned yourself i think before he is going to well up and i have cried himself in the most nice way as possible because what impact. He's had and i think that would be a highlight for most liberties that step foot in the car struggle. And he did it on the source. Second day or something like that. So yeah tough debate. So many other things come to mind. I mean scarf between the legs also but for the impact. It has to be happy place. Happy place to have more. I think third question just before we go to the break. Which celebrity in the car. So would you like as a guest on the podcast. When this all snow more from rob jordan guest yes a regular feature maybe once every month and we just yeah maybe on the bonus friday episodes he could take a come on. Yeah who would i like. I don't know probably roussy henshaw new. You're gonna say iraq know beverly. I think it's got to be. Beverly get get better leone. We've had. We've had her stepdaughter much as well. Have the woman sound. Book still has arrived. Actually that reminds me so as soon as the book. I'm just gonna have to take the day off. Work out probably forget to book. A guest again. Read kim on sits and then i cannot listeners that day key moments in beverly council life does that sound okay to been as long as you're happy i'm happy identifies true and talking happy. I know something that's going to make you. Happy me family despondent. It's another look into the archive from jordan's joke of the week. My boss exit shortlist name to dick especially 'cause they've come from and remember. Jean divas every day. You can vote as to who you would like to keep in the castle we would like you to for jordan. We would love you to vote for jordan.

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