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Kenny aronoff word started getting around with it point that you could play absolutely anything. I mean, you top forty two you're playing king and blues Johnny cash in country Alice Cooper, Elton, John, and you know, the record labels at that time, it was a different world. So I mean, they'd fly all over the place to play. Yeah. That was that the truth. That's why I was able to live in the Anna for so long because they're just slimy. Anyway, I everybody pledge sober two cases of snare, drums and two kids to Nashville one in New York, New York and one in Japan. Germany fly everywhere make records, I think one one two weeks. I would fogy for its first tour in twentieth. Play Creedence songs from twelve to six from seven o'clock until eleven at night. I was working bitten from screeching, and he's to this. And there's a midnight until sixty dollars. According with this Rolling Stones and on the weekend. Bon jovi. Wow. Now to say I'm going to a bear she a little bit because the list is endless. And I mentioned just a few of them in the beginning of the interview. But just looking at the stories from this book, the smashing pumpkins. Bob seger. John Fogarty, Melissa Ethridge. Joe cocker Willie Nelson. Michelle branch, sticks Google of the boat deans Ringo. Dr John Gregg, Allman, the stones smashing pumpkins Springsteen Ringo. Bob seger. Melissa ethridge. Jon Bon Jovi Elton John Bob Dylan. Rod Stewart, Steven Tyler Dave Grohl, Waylon Jennings. Johnny cash Sheryl Crowe. Ray? Charles Alice Cooper, BB king. Bonnie Raitt Santana Patti LaBelle stuff. It's just the list is overwhelming, Kenny, I'm gonna tell you. You know, the thing is when I look back. I don't pay attention to that stuff. Own thing is one of my doing next week's. It's over. I got Billy Gibson coming up. Paul Simon didn't coming up. I've got four we think coming up and. Got a minimum Saney Haygarth thing coming up in new walkie. And I mean, it's just I just your energies amazing. I mean, I'm very fortunate. What you've played Grammy specials. You talked about presidential inaugurations. Kennedy Center honors rock and Roll Hall of fame and with Paul Shaffer, and I know you filled in actually with Paul on the CBS orchestra with Letterman was still I'm here. The first one is great. 'cause I I'm not playing from Japan. I did some big special out. There was everybody. Anyway, I got lying, and I it's I mean, it's like if the learn the theme there's all these verses thirty minutes yet come up with all his walk on music, walk off music. Pause. Fifty sauce. I narrowed it down to thirty and he'd say, okay. Won't goodness on all these choose. Nervous. And you get you the and you get to walking somebody on. And then all of a sudden, this is Scott walk as stupid checks. And I'm looking at my notes, I'm noticing Switzerland was done and Dave says, what are you gonna do is? I'm going to get the hands. Dan on the dream that you go to my tone yoyo and David those live on the air goes Anton get up here is oh you don't have that it get up here. Like every second. Don't wanna waste time get up here now. So the running up there says, okay? Can you understand? He has a charter yo this. But. Like, okay, I'm like. David Letterman show, and the guy goes up steep or moving all over the place. I'm trying but he's couldn't get you every time I try flying. So get a tight days. Go pet in here. Snow for me. It was so embarrassing. How fun. I mean. How what a great experience. And you know, shortly thereafter, you came in studio. I think it was around New Year's it was for new year show you played that I went to and you and Kurt from the buildings came in the studio, and you hung out here. And and was just a couple months later. I think that came the Beatles. The night that changed America. And I swear I just turned it on for just a few seconds. And I'm sitting in the chair, and you know, I'm almost fifty. So I need glasses sometimes and I'm looking at him like pets, Kenny that's him on stage. And I walked right up to the set. And I was like oh my God. How surreal was that coming full circle to playing with Ringo and Paul. Man. I was hers. Think about it. Too much. Yeah. Focus on doing my job. I didn't want to mess up their edgy. Look. I play Lingle's played. So, you know, trying to be very accurate and respectful to him. So basically in between every they would set the stage for next artist. I was practicing the count off would've put traffic and the everything just marry. I got the I call RPX repetition is the preparation for success repeating anything over and over and over again is repetition. Is that repetition of that thing is preparation for success? So I was repeating over and over and over again the count on the first beat for fill. So that when they said go I was already grooving pocket, and I made no mistakes. It was fantastic. You know, and I and then after that's down critical conversations with call. I couldn't believe it. I was like that. Like a lifelong dream came to play also wasn't Stevie Wonder, Lisa keys, John legend, Keith urban for a Williams. Joe Joe Walsh, Dave Grohl. I mean all on stage that night was one of to me. One of the biggest nights and music watching that performance. Yeah. It's all like that. There's a shot of available. Air to fill the only way I knew that goes just to this done was producing some tracks windows separated from the rest of it was. Something something something. Had to. I didn't know what you don't records doing is that there were six templates what?.

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