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You know full scale fast break offense getting up the floor transition that's ball movement okay every era has its different types now we have no ball movement with the Houston Rockets and yet they're very talented team but are they gonna win championships they can get to the NBA finals with that style to meet a statically it's one of the worst tiles in basketball I think there's too much taking advantage of the rules that goes on with Houston but Hey do it I mean it works it works until it doesn't but James harden's numbers are inflated they just are I don't know how many rockets fan could argue with me give Michael Jordan the same usage as James harden and put Michael Jordan this year all the way that three point shots are now considered a good thing when back then they were considered a bad thing it's the same thing about Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant in this era right now even though it doesn't seem like it's all that far removed from when he was in his peak the league has changed dramatically I went back and looked at the games for Kobe Bryant was plain against the nets in the NBA finals or the Orlando Magic the games were being played in the eighties and the nineties and yet Kobe so would score thirty you're telling me today where the games are being played at times on in ten or twenty Kobe would score forty and yes he would be more efficient the game wasn't efficient back then they allowed more contact they would allow you to obstruct passage on cots and dribble drives now you breed on James harden it is a file and James harden is I hate crushing him because I think his talent level is off the charts I just don't like watching play basketball and I enjoyed watching Kobe right play bass while I enjoyed watching Michael Jordan play basketball and I enjoy lebron I enjoy watching lebron he's such a gifted passer I just got to say the where we get we get to levels of lunacy when we just ask a spreadsheet to spit out a number and we go from there and sets it unequivocally that guys better I mean I know we do that in baseball to baseball along all the different eras they have their dip they have their different ways but the numbers the same hundred sixty two games hundred sixty two games that's why so many baseball people yes I'm gonna use the term and call me a troll once again gatekeeper there I said it the gatekeepers they don't want to scale back a hundred sixty two games they love it right where it is because they've been arguing with their brothers and sisters and parents for years about numbers and now once you change the numbers you can never go back so there are more you don't agree I should probably work on finding a way to get to the NBA finals instead of just allowing your guy go I sell time in and time again now we'll while show today we pretty much got to everything the only thing I didn't get to I want to get to is how in the world we have little league reviews I already despise little league baseball I can't believe it takes up so much of the time on the major sports networks but now I need to see a coach in please don't call the manager they are a coach I got to see a coach Mosey out there and challenge a call and then they go to instant replay so we decide whether or not what a ten year old was wronged by an umpire please stop this and this is insanity of the highest order not to mention a we really **** about signs the signs feeling a little leagues like isn't that where we need to teach kids that yeah people try to take some from you it's up to you to protect yourself I want to hear that sore loser mentality about people stealing your sides why do you have signs than to prevent people from stealing and now we're gonna complain about it that actually happen this week in little league as if I didn't hate little league sports enough I don't have kids as you can probably tell not gonna indoor not only challenges but also coaches complaining about science feeling in little league baseball what are we teaching these kids I learned at a very early age playing battleship that you have to steal you have to cheat we have to do whatever is necessary to try to get out on top it worked for me did it not thanks everybody for listen only thank everybody for being a part of it today especially the guys help in Brian McKeon as well as Billy jocks David Schwartz and our.

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