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In soft betting or under a parent who rolls over on them in their sleep. Ron Istre says the safest place for a baby at night is in a crib or a bassinet Tampa Bay hospitals apologizing for what it calls a devastating clerical error Johns Hopkins all children's hospital recently invited former patients to cancer survivor day at an upcoming raise game. But at least one invitation was sent to the parents of a child who died of cancer thirteen years ago when Tampa's Holly Wade saw the Invitation XI tells news channel eight it made her sick hospital. Meanwhile, says it doesn't know how the mistake happened. But it is deeply. Disappointed. It's seven oh five at NewsRadio. WFL a realtor said they expect a stronger spring real estate market than last year, but home sales in the south fell in March two two percent lower than a year ago. Prices are two and a half percent higher than a year ago. Even though the number home sales fell auto executives say they think new vehicle sales have plateaued and are down slightly now after several very strong years. But the head of Toyota says it is far from a crisis. If new vehicle sales level off at this level gas, those ten cents a gallon higher than a year ago at this time an oil rose more yesterday because President Trump may put sanctions on other countries that buy oil from Iran, Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to cancel much of the student loan debt of students from families earning less than a hundred thousand dollars a year. She also wants state and federal governments to share in the cost of making college free largely this would be through higher taxes. On the wealthy with incomes up in a several millions of dollars and beyond Gisneyi ABC eras Abigail. Disney says I like there's knee head Bob idir, but his sixty five million dollar package is quote insane. That is one thousand four hundred times the median pay of Disney employees for NewsRadio WFL a I'm Joe Connolly with a Bloomberg business update. All right men were making our way through the week on a Tuesday here and think back not just to this past weekend. Or maybe even the weekend before distinct back in your recent history in the bedroom. And you know, are you having an issue in the bedroom? ED DAV this function. Is that something that's impacting you if it is don't just go about your daily life and let it take over and consume you it's impacting you in a negative way. It's impacting your partner in a negative way..

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