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It'll be the coming to him now and we heard that clip of him talking about I can see a lot of vinegar in In this book particularly I don't know about other ones but engulfed particularly the rights to the here minds. Me OF WHO? We did on bat listed last year. Stylistically doesn't really remind meals but in terms of because I listen to lots of serving interviews when I was preparing for the Shug and the the figure he reminds me of these Ray Bradbury in much. Some extent they ha. They both have a strong sense of as Reuters and as American Reuters and as American Reuters in the media they have a strong sense of their public persona and their figure right that kind of American philosophers salesman that that's what bradberry was and that's that really feels to me like what are we four. We come there. We got so many clips of Irving. Yes he so good at curated his own Persona so we listen to always closing waste. Closing always be closing. That's why shuts down all those characters at the end of the book you know. I'm I'm hitching up the wagon to the back of the horse and an hour here. I think that that's why it say satisfying flying as a book. Go up that he does finish it. And so many literary novels just build up setting psychology character and then fall off a cliff the minute something interesting happens but he is quite nice about. Right is right to use any. Because the Alice character doesn't finish novel quite respectfully every writer. And it's not I mean that's one of the things you're saying about reading as rights. I mean it's it's quite nice because it doesn't even you don't feel like irving where he so. Two million companies go publishes three books that one of the two of them. A complete failure is agents constantly. Saying to him. You'll just literally right. You're never going to send any companies and there's jealousy of his mother. That's just nakedly displayed. Really UNAPPEALING UNATTRACTIVE WAY forgot. I just wanted to do that. There's a little bit. Where he I think. This whole thing about the popular and the and the littoral where as often with irving I think he gets a minor character to to kind of To carry that that that that sort of debate forward is brilliant character who is the cleanup for the publisher in the book Gills e slow parts. And he you know he's also. She occasionally only twice as she ever wanted to. Keep a copy of the book with I with with Jenny's book the Alps Mums Book And the the feminist book and the second was was mad that John Will. The publisher had sold. He got serialized in crotch shots a porn Mac because he despised it so much but she likes it and he says what is well. I like it because I read it because I want to know what happened. And then she asks rather kind of shyly arson for copy and says why she said you know you go. You thought you were so now you know what happens and why would you want to read it again? And she's I might need to lend it to and he says well would you ever read it again. You'll sell John Wolf. Well Jill's he said not all of it. I imagine at least once or not right away again. She looked confused. Well she said sheepishly. I guess I mean there's parts of it. I wouldn't mind reading again. Why John will I law? Josie said Todd. Haley is if she would making finally impatient with him. It feels so true she crooned making the word true cry like a loon of a lake at night. It feels so true. John repeated laud. Don't you know it is them? You don't know when books true Julie Sang Him. We really ought to trade jobs. She left now. The stout prone plug of the vacuum cleaner cooled clutch like a gun in a fist. I do wonder Mr Wolf. She said sweetly if you know when a bathroom was clean she away or when a wastebasket was empty. She said a book feels true. When it feels true. She said to him impatiently books. True say yeah. That's just how damn people behave all the time. Then you know it's true. It's says that's my favorite scene in that in that. Listen we have to? We HAVE TO WRAP. We have to so before we go. I'm going to ask you Intern in the kitchen. You listeners. Who haven't read John Irving. Maybe they've reading before they they've read Garp. They've come back to go up. Which John Irving noise they read next? Probably prefer meany. I'd say that would be a good one to not next. Could compare and contrast if you're GONNA go deep well that's the lowest one on no. That's not loss when I read. That's the first one I read when it came out and You know I can still remember whole chunks of that book remarkably clearly which will be calm. Lots of things. I read thirty years ago. So yes Matt Imerese. Maybe until I find you. I think that Dickens influence hit hard with highs rules in the next kid and then I think he gets back to his way. An older teen all the strangeness. In until until I find you it's it's too long. And it's too rambling. It and it makes gop seem completely sensitive in the fact that you know go. Radio only covers his life to mid thirties. in this book goes right so it's twice because his life's twice as low But I think if you liked Jonathan wanted more of the same I think until I find you would be the one that I'd I'd recommend following out with. I just like to add that it was only when I was reading the world according to Garp the could to me that You Know Irving in several films of Irving's work He wrote the screenplay for soy to house. Rules says the film Gulp not you recommending door in the floor which is a year and it was only when I was thinking about those things and thinking. Wait a minute now. War Is this book reminding meals. Oh Yeah it's reminded me of forrest Gump except forrest. Gump is rubbish. For if it's gone like this explains what forrest gump is rubbish. John Irving film in your Rimba Jordan ambition behind I come and also the oil over a a titular character. He has a thing wrong with them. Who OPENS UP A VISTA OF AMERICAN HISTORY? Except and this is the tricks John Irving. It's no good and it's also really conservative. Wherever reservations we've we might have expressed about. Yeah he's a fair Reuter Nikita. These guys what you were saying. At the beginning he is prepared to see things from all sorts of points of view. Even things that you the reader might not immediately identify with. I think that stand to his honesty. It's as though he's made pact with himself to be honest and not to lie and therefore there's an ugliness that has to come out but there's also a deep river of respect that comes out so he's always talking to be honest or even handed even in each situation even though as has been said he does get it wrong sometimes and he. You know he can be. We sort of not politically correct. But then when did you ever read a book? That was good. That was deeply politically. Correct all the way through Joan. Lets wind up is a brilliant brilliant place to end. That's it thank you to the kitchen map for taking us back to that strange and violent but weirdly familiar land of America in the seventy s to.

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