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Maybe zucca plays significantly more free than he already does. And the problem is i don't even know if you can ratchet that power level up like that shit's already at eleven right like you make him play a little crazier. He probably just ends up stopping them even harder. It's you sui whose opponent right not faker. Maybe you're sui pulls out the The yasuo again and they play like diana aggregates jungle and they just hard camp. Uk that's how you do it say till ges uk game one. Just go all in and maybe you can do enough mental damage to the collage victory. I think that's the blueprint and if they can pull out a game and actually demonstrator that might be the biggest impact they have on. The entire playoffs is showing other teams how to beat. Eeg if they can find one thing that works really well even if they don't win the game but they get so far ahead at the fifteen or twenty minute mark. You know a better team could close from that. So is that what you do going forward. But we're probably spending more time on guitar. Toss in those spent on the rift. So let's talk about the other. Two teams are probably in a similar position because both immortals angled guardians at seventh and eighth place do not get the cushion of double elam. That's right if didn't toss loses. Once again they get to play. Probably immortals actually assure the adversely immortal instead. Yeah because digs six a seven so they get the worst of the teams above them in the actual elimination loser's bracket here immortals and golden guardians. We got stacked up here badger. I know you are roaring in ready to talk about immortal. This you want to bring home for me do that So mortals i think going into this have a little bit of mental in the lower bracket i mean they lost all three games this weekend and i may or may not have picked him to go three now but i mean i like i said earlier..

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