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With Joel Reagan and Randy Renner all righty we're back K. here at the bottom of the hour eleven thirty two and we're talking district standings drawl is been frantically working on getting everything Saddam got it for a class B. and the lawn Aug is over in his studio with the whole sorts of fund information and for faulty let's go with bravado they're big word Hey Randy yeah that soul for plain view game uhhuh interesting tidbit from that so for was down twenty one to seven going into the fourth quarter scored fifteen points in the fourth quarter and plain view sealed it with a field goal late and that was a heck of a game there in district play twenty four twenty two that's right you with the win and that way I was a big game because sulfur in plain view were tied three and at the top of the district going into that game tonight that's right in plain views only loss on the season week two against the total Tigers yeah so per and plain view result for six in one overall plane views five in one and plain view for it in the districts all for three and one Marlowe's also three in one in that district and the you know we may have a urine just listening to all of the district standings we have there are some districts here that we have I believe I can as many as six maybe there's a there may have been one district that seven teams still in the running for a playoff spot a lot it's a lot of ties there in the middle that we're getting is we're gonna move as the as the season rolls on in the final three weeks yeah yeah and of course a lot lots of things can happen but you know it looks like yeah we're going to have a heck of a physician some of these districts you know Randy if the season ended today if the season ended today I would make a lot of money writing a book about why the season ended today so it's not so never ever heard no my gosh the way you never heard that one before any of a caller who was at the time the Kansas city star beat writer for the cans he whirls tweeted that like in July because it starts to get that way with the playoffs later on with the Gobi the Dodgers beat writer and I love it the LA times but one of my favorite lines of all time it might get into your time let's talk bow legs in Graham Dustin yes talk about this game you hold me mostly shared this on our hash tag defense of battle we came early to those guys we shared this on our Twitter page and you were gracious enough to clue us in on that from I was at the game but I tell you a one fourteen Graham Dustin the chieftains put up one fourteen Bolex puts up sixty four so there goes and handily Yahoo's is and score sixty four Derek Jennings the the Graham Dustin quarterback accounted for eight touchdowns thirteen of fifteen passes two hundred thirty four yards seven touchdowns passing you also had six Kerry for seventy one yards Austin five had nine touch death comes three rushing three receiving and three on kickoff returns while most points in a game this season is he might be a really really good candidate for this coming week's Friday night finals player of the week well I nine touchdowns yes and very even three and three kickoff returns and so you know I like I say I was covered Texas football for quite awhile and those expand yeah words would put those up now we've got an eight man score that put that up and as well and six band they're all eligible right is that is that correct yes everyone is eligible according to I was at the game dot com it's also the most points scored eleven man or eight man football game in Oklahoma history dating to the nineteen thirties so wow big game there at bow legs and so you know class class C. bring the heat here and one fourteen so higher to those guys imagine that managing the the chains crew and he said I have a feeling it's James group probably weren't doing a lot because it was a lot of lifelong along plays there wasn't or either that or they would have to do a lot because I have to go across the field forty five fifty yards to set some Jane I guess three kickoff returns for touchdowns you you don't have to work at that time right there just imagine just imagine the disappointment of a coordinator dole just wait just imagine the disappointment of a Bowlegs fan missed most of the game right and just happened to see the final score on the scoreboard which would have appeared as though Bowlegs at one sixty four to fourteen right and then finding out no no no that extra one there's others for one hundred Hey guys are putting these are put in triple digits on these eight man scoreboards I know that we've got they I guess it would show fourteen you're right about that may happen with Oklahoma school for the deaf they put a six man game with Missouri definite was one twenty four to one oh two this was a couple years ago remember this look like twenty four to two like twenty four to two yeah Hey how about your Bethany Broncos last night Bethany brought two hundred seventy seven yards rushing three hundred five yards passing Cushing is no slouch offensively so they held them to twenty eight points and put up sixty to themselves if you get a chance before we go away for the night we got some big matchups coming up next week these district races are going to heat up and then also we've got a little bit of futility bowl next week so not everybody can go undefeated in a season somebody's got to win some games will talk about that if you give me no yeah yeah we did we definitely well as us definitely do they will do that will quick I promised people they've been asking about it at least somebody has been B. six B. seven and B. eight we'll tell you about the six right now the standings do were in Kyoto or to NO R. coalmine Gantz wanted one our dance the home of big country country yeah Bryant Reeves yeah how big was that boy when he was born as water you know I don't know I'm surprised you don't know I have no I have no idea he ended up being rather large okay down backboards he could form in case brings it all when to bring up the rear of B. six B. seven Peru in Davenport at two and depuy in jail at one one all lord here we go again I messed up and I didn't let you see I get up at UC Wesleyan Christian all right and all of it would too rigid prep is a top B. A. L. with south Coffeyville no that's not right Hey I'm a Christian summit Christian summit Christian come on I get CS out I'll quickly I was doing I have two S. sees that makes no sense oaks at one and one south Coffeyville at into along with foil and I want to so now folks they've got their class B. Hey get old really weird pointing things a jolt class B. top five corn in the AP poll Shattuck was off their number one and the other four teams in the top five at least all scored at least forty nine points and we're all on the road twenty points scored total against the four of those if you combine them so US tomorrow domination by the top.

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