Karlie Blatt, Kyle Petty, Marlon discussed on MRN Classic Races - 1980 National 500


Line in hard back in that second backcheck bounded have the eight spot looks like billy elliott is line and robin hood of you we log all right that part of course want a shot brown bell elliot you're mentioning earlier is among the one runners let's get out of him romer net yards headed for the david years have been well mark word david perron and just and getting out of that'd what happens well out our an unknown the boards and on the out of the plan an the nine again today even though no i guess the lions was going to win with my as a man so and would not a there i've never go writers i riggins out about davis just going bargain even when you're in the motor speedway line that's not a lot of success in the playoffs when they learn a hard setting a blistering mays they're now only twenty one carson only laugh has are in our rules off editor number one he leads bobby allison the second place guard neal bottom drives third any parsons is four and you know yarder was money bigger you're six almost a quarter of a latvian mind the leaders seventh would be terrible body chug down nine his billet elliott ricky rogers ten donnie allison eleven money vontaze twelve richard petty is thirteen fourteen does john anderson vivint is dave marcus executive of jordy wrigley deck brooks a seventeen eighteenth this darling marlon ninety airy here likes being his twentieth last karlie blatt as kyle petty in twenty bour's position we'll back to buddy maker he's a little better than eleven seconds behind the leader in you can bet that the major car is not of are like now whatever the problem is already with the running upfront with continues to pace the field getting up in the turnover three he told me yesterday that he felt like running in for the hometown fans really pumped him up miller man i mean.

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