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It sends head coach DJ Smith. Checkout faces MAG dot CA now, an interesting week for the Ottawa Senators they hold development cap as we record this podcast. So I thought we might check up on how some of the prospects of doing with post media's Kenny, Warren. How you doing Kenny? I'm doing great great summers here except for hockey exactly. I wanna talk a little bit about the sense development can't because. Well, there's not really a lot else for sends fans to kinda hang their hat on. Yes. The average sends fan with they're excited about with the Ottawa Senators, the kids, and well, this is a week for the kids for sure. Let's begin with the player that you have found to be the most impactful, the player that is impressed you most at development Cam. I like I guess Eric brannstrom on defense when we heard about a lot about him because of the stone trade. And I think just in.

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