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Of the ACC funds number one do versus Wake Forest at seven than it's twelve ranked North Carolina and fifteenth ranked NC state from rally both games live on the ESPN app. Sports is always benefited from its famous fans, Jack Nicholson is the Lakers ultimate good luck charm and somebody should give Spike Lee at trophy for sticking by the Knicks. No matter what but wins raked joins your bandwagon. Look out here. He was New Year's day talking about his New Year's resolution like he's in his feelings. We're in that Bama sweatshirt. Bama's Twitter page was all thrilled saying Drake rapid Bama. And what happened that Clemson blowout? Didn't they know about the Drake curse? I should have told them to take that shirt off fast. You see Kentucky didn't when he first started rapping them at big Madison two thousand nine and since then, yes, they got to the two thousand twelve title, but they also got NCA violations of few years later. And of course, he's raptors fan yet that team still hasn't made it to the finals and he got behind Conor McGregor against Bieb. And we all know how that turned out. Now clemson's Twitter knew what was up fans see that right there. They wanted to give them a tiger paw shirt. But check out the quote. What are followers have unanimously voted against this apologies, Drake? Sports fan, Drake. Guesses. Not in God's plan. One who's taking for the Super Bowl. We have to see how that plays out coming up NFL live. Hey, you talk about the youth movement in football, among coaches, they're talking about cliff Kingsbury others. Getting interviews a lot of coaches under thirty. So what is going on with the NFL and that and so much more to talk about big win for Clemson for the title game. How about that Clemson fans? Good for you. And we will see you tomorrow. Mark..

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