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So the Golden Globes noted for the fact that they they're sitting at a ballroom, and they have alcohol, and they drink a lot can't drink during the right? He kill you can. But you have to have one of those little flasks. Gloves. Yeah. It's interesting to see a lot of what happened and what played out. Christian bale had a couple of things. I think we're not gonna I think we're playing we're not playing the Mitch McConnell Monari and the other one right? We have we have both good. Okay. So the evening was pretty much. Void of controversy about Trump. It was a couple of mentions of him in in one of the well, there was the one that didn't get it on the foreign film. One was the guy was from Mexico, and he didn't say anything, and I thought he was going to there was a couple of references to women and the movement, and but nobody specifically said Trump, although it's funny at one point I'm gonna have to tell you what you're about to hear about Mitch McConnell because it kind of. If you don't know the story Christian bale starred in this movie vice and he plays. Dick Cheney the transformation is unbelievable. He put on all this way to use thin last night. He looked like Matthew mcconaughey thin by did you notice that who Christian bale? Now, he looked the same to me was really saying. Did you haven't seen vice yet have you? Oh, okay. So it was really sad. Put weight on. But anyway, so he was talking about having the play enigmatic or charismatic a holes in, but he says the word and they bleep it out. And they said if I played this one, and then he says next listen.

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