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Apart these days we're sharing more and GYCO would just like to say thanks. Thanks for sharing your savage dance Moose. Thanks for sharing your diy fails thanks for sharing your inner lip sync star. Now it's got goes turned to share to with the Geiko giveback fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies for current new customers and because GEICO's committed for the long haul fifteen percent credit last year full policy term visit GEICO DOT com slash. Give BACK FOR INFO AND ELIGIBILITY. Go to you know. Get The rate review the Steve Alyssa. Joan Apple podcasts. And tell your friends to check us out if you want to reach me here on. The podcast sent an email questions to steve to show DOT COM. The Best Damn. Ipm Planet is broken. School applegate brewing company. You can also get broken galop at whole foods and total lines. If you live in California if you're not in California check out El Segundo Bruin dot com. Because we might be heading your way we are in seventeen states go to El Segundo Bruin dot com website. Click on and look at the interactive map to find the location. Nearest you thank you for all your support and is bad. Ashoka in my opinion is the best. Ip In America. And that's the bottom line. Because I said so I say one more. Thank you for all the find sponsors of the Steve Austin show especially online gyco Scott's and rocket mortgage. That's how do this podcast for your free twice a week. Please support them because they support us. If you need more info check out the show description to this episode for details folks if you see me riding something in the woods you can bet your ass. It'll be a Kawasaki until next time my name is Steve Vaulted. And I'll get your ass down the road. This has been a podcast. One production download new episodes of the Steve Austin show to stay at one dot com. That's PODCAST ALWALEED DOT COM..

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