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But it was it's beautiful it's just so gorgeous but i'm flying back today so a of the airport open yet that working i think one of the most the other did you see the story about jfk and water that place nasty bringing in a suit when you go all right all right let's take a break we've got a brand new phone tap from david brody coming up right after this elle he stole rain in the morning show two n d b at an all new episode of the challenge that's all about getting even and these players are ready to burn the whole game down don't miss the all new episode of the challenge than data's tomorrow at 98 central only on mtv dehlvi story and the morning show scary honey what's the problem what my laptop is pretty new and it's a mac macbook pro and i don't know how to turn it on okc does he have that top line of all the little pictures and stuff right the very right the ver very right to so that's the button hung look at that little square to the bar they call that a button key tire haven't had a new at about eight years yeah welcome to the world of new max hey i you know i ordered add the iphone 10 x what it what is accurate him with a ten the inuits iit everyone has 10 okay because i call it an expert at the 10 10 axes ten whatever i've yet to take it out of the box on really crime you will be with a crime it took me a five minutes to get used to the fact there was no home button i was i'm just i'm just not in it i just i know alec alex has one he doesn't really care for it and why did you get it because i will i ordered it back when i was led to believe it was the oh the next coming of christ was you know it's not the next coming a crisis if you haven't handed out of the box because i've seen other people take their christ out of the box and this is how we getting.

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