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That would be well no because what happens is there's a couple of zambia's they come from the ground and dini by hilmi's zinedine hume izzo you know i'll know debts kefu they had some zombies drive in a car or truck a gene or the soup was obvious how no sign so they could run is like they they could climb igundura now they can dry you tell me how you going to get away from that would you the john of usa gonna jump in the car when they could you save may promote blank on it violated jump out the car ron every crazy they have like a policka boiling will put somebody who pushed they walk up to the co youth off the brain's we're not you say the dhabi can open the doors that a salova okay okay what does avi word seatbelt nope manny drop reckless because what they got the little say they are drought would ideally regularly may yeah yeah uh i guess you've got a point there are just thank at night say something happened were those are be with an accident with out is see cbo and now a comeback second time is drive where they put on see built seconda think about you didn't get insurance cover god well if he did i'll think he really got you'll get insurance you don't get life insurance you'll get mail in our own people we may be like edouard we got kombat for sparring but at but change.

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