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Captain carter or she goes through this portal and winds up. I guess right before. What the avengers she so it. It's the avengers movie. So the implication and by the way for super nerds It's notable that she's captain. Carter not captain britain. Who is your character but is closely connected with the x men in doesn't air shield. They're saving that part for For steve coogan. I mean that you're just preaching to the choir. Here of i believe captain britain is now betsy braddock. So it's it's a woman. Kuban you know might be controversial casting. But i think could also be excellent. The implication and this is always the fun thing in the what if stories to and. i think there's actually a whole spinoff character related to the what if mythos where like. What if gwen stacy lived with peter. Parker died and gwen. Stacy becomes kind of spiderwoman character and etcetera etcetera. The the fun thing is like the stories tend to hit the same. Beats like you can change some pieces. But you can't change the overall shape of history like x the characters might be different but experts solely to y and so the thing here was no matter who gets the super soldier serum someone sacrifices him his or herself for the good of everyone and then he's not unfrozen essentially reclaimed in the future in this case Peggy is returned by nick fury. Being like what what happened on my friends. And he's like the war's over and so then there could be another story. And i'm sure due to the positive reception of this. They're working on it. Where the vendors are formed with this new reality whereas gotcha. She's the new leader of the new avengers. Nothing of the only vendors in that alternate universe. I mean the the crazy thing would be it again. It's overly complicated. But if all the what if stories took place in the same universe but that's not if is okay. All right keep watching i. I will go piecemeal. Like if i may be wrong about this but i was. I was googling it and it seems like they're pretty discrete there close to the vest about what stories. They're telling in whose voices are going to be in them. So i know nothing. What's your greatest unanswered question about. The marvel universe. But that's a that's good. These are the sort of questions that other podcasts. Talk for the What was the voter. Rama like on the segovia accords. You know what kind of management attached what kind of pork barrel politics were involved. You know like dealing wooded west. Virginia get out of this via get like an olympic stadium. Once they rebuilt the covy. I guess we we ever covered that. Cova have a seat at the table anymore. Cove you search your own twenty twenty. Four in seacot via yeah. Yeah and did like did like did they become like a petro state kind of because they have all this like infusion of of maybe chris they became a pietro state is so if the but like. Let's say that sokoto women in it gets do you. Leo messi goes play. Play for covy. Fc oh my god. I love this. I do you have a very. This is beautiful. This is what separates us. you know. I started this podcast by just sort of feeling sad about the state of the world and how how broke in and underdeveloped. Humanity is like the world bank will restore segovia beyond its former glory in a matter of like five short years that you really believe project christine legrand. I think she's a great lady and she's got such a vision for for civil beautiful thing love to borrow at low interest rates. Let's get into my interview with Andrea and jack. o'connell andy. it was great talking to you today. christmas we do. Should we tease. I know you know like to keep things secret. But i don't know why like let's let's say we have jerry jenkins on the show on monday. America's greatest living filmmaker. Barry jenkins on our podcast. Yeah it was a. I think andy and i had sort of been like. We're gonna talk about underground railroad and then when this. This sort of became a possibility. I think we decided to save our conversation for when we talked to berry. I think we'll do like i kind of more larger sort of like our critical discussion of the show before the interview on monday. Show will say that like you know obviously a very challenging thing to watch an entertaining or fun thing to watch. I think most people would agree. I think of barry jenkins who agree. But it's an important thing to watch. And i think is a pretty amazing achievement in the medium and what was cool as talking to barry about what the hell the medium is anymore. Yeah and also just what he brings to it. i mean. She's just such a staggeringly beautiful filmmaker and watching. This is just a deeply a deeply challenging but also deeply aesthetic emotional experience a time. So we're both grateful that we watched it. Were mentioning it now. Not just as we're superstock berry jenkins was on our podcast but also to say you guys got four days to finish sugar railroad all of its streaming on amazon. So yeah we're gonna get to my interview with jack and andrew in just a second. I will mention before we get into it that we had a couple of audio issues. Jack's audio so there might be a couple of hiccups in there but otherwise a great conversation too great characters in an amazing show so after a quick break. we'll get into my interview with north waters. Andrew.

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