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So we have more high value. Monti's asked that question is because even in my own county that I live in here in Georgia, they recently stopped accepting glass. And so I. Sort of said about that, but then I started looking into it a little bit more. You know, there's some challenges so in. So in these recycling facilities, we have we, we design them. There's a lot of conveyor belts and screens, and you know, we, we basically design these systems to mechanically separate all the recyclables that you can put into one bin to make it super easy for us at the household. But then the engineers we have to design a lot of things and glass tends to break an it can contaminate the paper stream. And then we also have the labels on the glass than than the glass dream isn't very clean and it just doesn't have any value. It's very heavy to transport. So any trucks driving mean there's all kinds of things with the glass, but it's also one of the materials that we sort of. You know, it's historic and we sort of love it for the applications at it's Ben in its made from sand, you know, and it's not plastic. So you know, there's a lot of people that like it and why can't we recycle it? And it's just it's hard with the system as it is designed right now. I know there was like a kid in Texas who decided that his his community stop collecting glass. So he started collecting it himself and was just like, well, we can. You know, maybe do this and if you do separate like that, then it has a higher value. To the weather beat spot guest. Dr. Marshall shepherd talking to Dr jam back and we're both from the university of Georgia and you brought along a bag with you today, and I know that you were on our our sisters done program AM h. q. on the Weather Channel this morning, what are some of the things in that bag that we're finding in the ocean. So I brought a bag of trash and marine debris that we actually have found. So there are Stras and food wrappers toys. There was a flip flop in their broken sunglasses, cigarette butts, plastic bottles, lots of bottle caps. Yeah, just an array of thing. You know, you talk about some of the things and here's a contract cave holding up. She's holding literally in front of me right now. Now, and I see all of the things that she mentioned, contact case, applesauce rappers just all types of things. And what about the sizes? Because you showed me some things earlier and you've got a little jar here and just has a really small particles in in a little sort of jar jars probably about an and two inches in size and length. What's the implication of the size of the different things you find. What happens is that when the plastic enters the environment, it's exposed to sunlight, and even like wind and wave action and the plastic than the polymer sort of breaks down, it becomes brittle..

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