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The buddy adventure feature set will roll out to trainers around the world by twenty twenty they. He's still playing poker bumgarner tobacco today. When I saw this I was like Oh? Did you watch the trailer for this. Not Almost made me cry. And I'm not even like I don't even have a childhood attachment to poke him on. This is a really well done the trailer for like an ad for this thing. And it's a big deal. Obviously if you're pokemon go player that you can swap or you will be able to swap out not lose progress so enjoy yourself there then number five five during a long drive for I've I don't know what I keep saying. I've said this multiple times in the show and I understand you. Don't watch it in the ones you're not on is that we should have just taken yesterday. Okay the shows. I'm not yeah I watch those ones yeah. Of course I'm saying we should take December off. Why in the Industry the industry should stop working December? These two weeks are worthless. What we do you know what I mean? And then I've said that enough that my body has just taken it to heart checked out. Oh words left in writing a couple of weeks. I'm doing the bare minimum. Stop December. Why do we have December number five the wolf among us to starting from scratch this is Matthew Olsen over at US Gamer Jamie Ali? CEO of L. CG Entertainment Slash Telltale confirms that development on the wolf among us to is starting a new rather Kevin Building on what telltale had prior to the cancellation L. C. G.. A Holding Company headed by Ali and Chief Revenue Officer. Brian Waddell completed its purchase of the Telltale Hotel Brand and select licenses in late August taking lead on the wolf among us. twos creation is ad hoc studio developer founded earlier this year by former tell tale employees MHM though ad hoc includes key members of the team behind the first season of the wolf among us all four founding members left telltale over a year before the studio's closure in two thousand eighteen quote quote we've completely restarted the development of the game oddly tells. USA gamer quote. We felt it best to give the new creative team a clean slate. Start with always.

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