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Show Voice of SAT here on Santa Fes, New TAC leader The Santa Fe Conservation Trust is having a virtual event on August 27th. It's gonna be great Jonno Manson in digit FIM, cowgirl drink recipes, delicious takeout meal packages, moving stories from the community and a chat with Terry Tempest Williams and Tom Udall. Get your $5 access pass at sf city dot org's and Please register for our paddle raise to help us raise $40,000 for conservation and trails. Work. Go to S F c t dot org's today. This's Matt, this is Rick and one from McParland Roofing. We know your residential commercial property is one of your most valuable assets and your is one of the most important parts of that investment. Poorly installed, a leaky roof can leave lasting effects. Even the smallest penetrations can cause unseen damages and major frustration as Santa Fes most trusted roofing company for over 35 years. Call today to schedule us for your complimentary roof assessment to make partner Rufin offers a variety of roofing insulation services from new construction. To roof replacements, including repairs, restoration, maintenance programs, inspections and more roof. Construction can provide improves structural integrity, lower energy costs and improve the cosmetic pill of your property. No matter what your roofing needs a La McFarlane roofing to sit down with you to explain and design a roof plan to meet the customer needs of your home or business. It is our tradition. Everyone. This's quite at Sutton, editor of Tumbleweeds Online newspaper with this week's Tumbleweeds Round up Highlights of events for Children and families. Los Alamos Nature Center presents Lifestream talks for all ages via zoom by pay what you can admission to stay August 18th. Meet the goats, mama turkeys, ducks and chickens off the Los Alamos County standards from.

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