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I'm Frank back but arm joined by my friend Chris sell burger from Principia meant a lot of people are really concerned right now because we're in this Medicare enrollment period so what exactly do they need to know at this current time well the enrollment period is a great time to review the the prescription drug type plans make sure you're on the right option if you're on a Medicare advantage plan you can make lateral moves people run traditional Medicare supplements that period of time doesn't really have any any bearing to them but it's a good time everyone's thinking about it already it's a great time to sit down and reevaluate people should be calling us Frank we got solutions that most folks are not being shown when you talk about all the different Medicare plans out there and how they differ in price and how some people are just throwing money down the drain wonder what kind of dollars are we talking about here we're talking for most people somewhere in the neighborhood of two hundred dollars a month per person and that increases by a rate of between seven and eleven percent per year so if we do we take that over fifteen year time span you're talking in a roughly thirty five to forty thousand per person they could be saved by doing things a little bit differently so there's a lot of considerations there and there's way too many plans Medicare is a touchy subject it's under educated on and there's it's certainly under utilized the products that are really really good for the client which ironically don't pay very good commission all right so one of the things I think we need to emphasize to people Chris is when they make the phone call the you there's no obligation no there's not and if they don't have it fifteen minutes to spend even on the phone with someone who knows their buttons they can at least evaluate the situation and see what's possible for them they're they're horribly wasting money for themselves and for.

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