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I'm kind of excited for Trixie, Mattel, and that's one of our names tricks him alone. Yeah, Fun video, and that's just You know, I've gotten cases sing that song with I do Joon and he just Johnnie in the car, and I make him you know, And I know all the words to this song. And, you know, I make him do the Johnny. Then you know that he plays along that he plays along and then he gets a little nervous when I start dancing on my pony keg because I'm driving. Yeah, but I'm one handed, you know, because she's a funny kid. He's the driver to the bar. He's the driver home. They've got that work darn perfectly this next time, Julie I picked for you because You know how much you love Zoey's extraordinary play lead I do. And one of the stars Alex Newell. Yes, he joined the four breakout sensation been sent His dance floor Ready track which is called Hire me. Hi, God, Don't you make me feel you can't hide your every designed to make you take me. Boy thanking me. All of it. I haven't heard a good dance. Try. No, I always good. Yeah, Yeah, I like that a lot. Oh, yes. All right. So that's called higher then sent me I m t all in capital letters. Yeah, I don't know. The four even is and counting crows of a new song out today. Didn't you want me to play it? Yeah, I got to get up. It's on Spotify. That's like their first song in like they're seven years, DJ Colette had song out featuring As Jay Z all kinds of people on it, but I was listed on your own. And I didn't feel like playing Billy Eyeless your power because we listen to yesterday. Oh, you did. I was gone because she hasn't. This is elevator boots by counting crows can't stop boss Miss Channing. Anyone you can You want to wear the lifts off Firing in here Sounds good time with men on the change, and you want more talent. Sounds county. Sounds like kind of gross. It sounds. Is that funny? I know. Yeah. Can't help sounding like themselves sometimes, right? Just sound like you. Okay, so I vote for transparent sold by Willow and higher by thanks. What's your country? And you? When the best part? I think that's why I'm with Julia on the phone. What? We were going sappy. Okay, That's all right. You, Terry. I just highlighted what I like. So when I go to remember with the songs I'll remember. But the Trixie Mattel Orville Peck is interesting, horrible Pick even though he doesn't talk about who he is. He does identify as gay and interesting Details of drag queen s so they make An interesting pair. That's fun. Yeah, it is fun. All right, Listen, we come back. We're going to Hollywood Speak Holly. Halle Berry Response to her. What? The Halley Hair moment at the Oscars. Are you listening to us on the my tax.

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