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Yeah I do not struggle with that. Listen to how long it takes but then I was going. What would the way the world works? And we're kind of talking about this with comedy. There's always going to be like another evolution and I was like. I wonder this is where it starts to get like a joke. I don't mean this I was like I wonder what it'll be when I'm seventy five. It's a compassionate exercise. When I'm seventy five. What will it be that that Leela will tell me about that? I just won't understand. Because my parents I have think in the sixties and seventies were probably pretty groovy and they couldn't have seen this coming and I'm like well it would have to be something that I consider to be fundamental. My parents consider gender to be fundamental. I do not but I do consider age fundamental so like if in the future people are like. I'm twenty two identify as eighty. Which is why I'm retired. So that was the joke. Yes and I was like if I wanted to. I could go on stage and say what will it be when I'm older? Are PEOPLE GOING TO BE TRANS AGE? Like twenty but identify eighty. Which is why I'm retired. I think that would get a laugh. Here's the problem and I think you already see where this is coming. I know just like with my Christian joke. I'd get the wrong laugh. I'd get the laugh of the people that go. Yeah what's next? I'm a Unicorn and what I'm trying to actually do. A joke about is that helped understand my parents because that does seem odd to me. Someone saying I don't identify with time but all people would here as I go. If you pull that thread next thing you know but not me like all able scared we WANNA do and all of us and that is have clear boundaries and go you gotTa Vicky. Stop fucking with the system so I go. You're seventy five seventy five. You gave me twenty and seventy five. And that's all that here and I tell people that joke once or twice backstage and I go. I have a job. I don't think I can do it. And they all go you can do. That's great and then I go. I think it would get the wrong laugh and every comedian goes. You're you're right. Yeah that's what at least somebody will. And then you're like well that's you failed. Can worth it worth it and you failed at stand up. Is Communication like many art is we? It's not like is assuming evolution existed. We involved to have funny ness exists and it is a form of communication. And if you know you're going to fail at communicate that's right then you ought war. It's GonNa take me forty five minutes. Yes and then break down the left lake. It's not I don't mean it's not worth it as a business. It's not effective. I mean it's not worth it to. Let's talk about if a soul exists. It's not worth it to my soul. It doesn't feel right and that's a consideration. I don't see us making in the eighties. No God that's how comedy where it's like. I think there is a commitment. I think we talked about this before. Which is why this everyone who came up in this comedy. Boom sort of the beginning was aware that one existed ended ended and it's partly because of that generation and we're not and we associate that generation with all the famous people that came out of it but we're talking about the sort of people that don't exist anymore. They've probably not doing common any more and if they are. They're the really cynical people in the road. Who have all these funny? A lot of them are radio deejays. Oh you see them on the road so like but they took it for granted like we're doing it we can do it anywhere. We're going to get guys that are like I get paid in cash. And then they do coke and then they're like it's fine. There's always next weekend but like that consideration is necessary for comedy not to become a relevant that like and post behind the music. You know that we can't just light on and that is the thing that I should like. There's a lot of Comedians in New Yorker. Now who sing? That's a big thing that's happened in New York New York is there. We wrote a piece about it. Which essentially the New York is very queer both in terms of the sexuality but also just sort of the way they are approaching the art form. They're wearing it And it's a lot of singing some some them have jokes a lot of them. Do sometimes it is just singing well and you're like but not musical comedy just singing. Sometimes it is like they'll do a show and part of it will be like genuine singing. But maybe we'll do a little face it is closer to cabaret cabaret when especially when you were doing more things change in your New York. Joe's pub existed and no comedian really was doing shows they released and then and then there was a show. There's big terrific and there's all these shows and they're in different parts of the club and those are sort of three different world and the you know there's people that like. There's a lot of comedians doing shows at Joe's Pope's right now and there's a lot of coal skulls right the big big example of Joe's pub acts who are doing shows at the Bell House or whatever and that is that is the next change that is going to happen and we as comedy stewards have the ability to accept this to embrace that. Like hey this part of the world that did not feel safe in this space because one there were comedians actively being hard to go up after the guy and they're sort of like that was not what was expected. Now in New York has become safe-space which is such a funny thing. That's become such a good word because literally all. Comedians are constantly trying to create safe spaces for themselves. That's right so but shave space for the regular. The person on stage getting paid to do it. That's the thing like comedy has right now. I see it. You're like it's going to some of these. Comedians are bubbling up bone. Yoga's probably now the big example because he's on SNL and you can see the things he's doing snl that stuff did not really exist in that way. We're not just talking about being agape an honest and other has been gay people in S. and L. but to do what I would call queer comedy. And he's doing he's incredibly talented. He's doing Lhasa but part of what he's doing is of the sensibility and Kudos to to let that happen. Kudos SNL for Like having him what to being a show that can adapt everyone shits on it? But like like rupaul hosting coming up or has come up depending on the air which is. Rupe has been around for awhile. That's right right now comedy like this. Boma we'RE RUPAUL. Is Doing it. And it's like yeah of course report that's right and so that's the thing which is like. I said that we keep on especially as a lot of these people are moving to La as these things. Do as you'll see and that's the thing. I'm just trying to go from the Casino Florida the cashier's Window. Come dwell a bring your chips. What do you got an open heart? His fifty you got good face. His two hundred welcomed. La instagram became a place. But I'll buy you a House Siren. Song is we. Don't even have to say the Industry. It's just la and we have some carpenters bay build assets you Gotta. Him and the nail. Here's fifty on lunch vouchers. Making Fun Chart. That makes me so excited. But it does go back to what I'm saying about Ritchie roar and keeping open and always learning something new and evolving and going with the change. And when you tell me county is getting more queer. I just couldn't be more excited. I know it's silly but like I the last person I saw I guess what scillies. She's not a comedian but like caper lamb. Yeah no I was like what the fuck is happening but should be on a show. I I do a with me and afterwards. That's the only person everyone would be talking about. And there were murderers on the show but everyone just wants the girl that had a fake conversation with one of the light. Kate and John are were part of the generally they set a tone that a lot of the scene is sort of been born out of and it is and it's interesting 'cause I remember seeing Kate on shows and doing let's say less well than other people and it's literally being like the one we say ahead of our time. It's there was a time when Sushi was weird. Yeah so it's like literally seeing a person and ahead of their time that I'm old enough even though this was probably four years ago and the C. Span of four years person. The time is now or the time is in two years that whenever the time is when this is really ready like this is what it is like she she. She ran the the under three other four minute mile. Whatever whatever was the thing that was not yeah. Yeah that's right. Whatever was that the barrier that we had not broken. It's hard to find because it's ephemeral art. She did yeah and John also did and it gave people vocabulary to start is like I feel like comedians. Talk about you start copying people and if you're only copying the same three people then comedy is going to be. That's right now those three but now everyone's starting they're doing ninety people starting out in that. I want to be like Chelsea Peretti or whatever that is already more options than existed. That's right that's your model Chelsea's to be the weirdest person on the show. And now she's like just a standard because now we've we as audiences have become more savvy to it. We've taught you've taught us how to laugh at it or whatever that's right but we needed to know that's why I was saying one of the Palette colors for Delaney and me and everybody is Oh Gabriel Iglesias. He's being Gabriel Iglesias. This delights me. So you learn. Andy Warhol is being Andy Warhol. Or Bruce Springsteen is being spinks like. We're getting yeah. We're learning what I remember doing comedy in San Diego when they didn't have any clubs there and they would applauded the weirdest times and I was like. Oh like literally felt an anthropologist. I was like H- you guys don't have comedy in enough to know what an applause break. Plotting. 'cause you liked to joke the high for that and I would just kind of tell them and they liked it and then I'd have to be like no. I'm not mad at you. This is me being. Pretend Matt you've to delight you and then it was like one of the weirdest shows I've ever done in like ten years ago. I feel like I. Maybe it's still happens. People are still so nervous. The COMEDIANS GONNA yell at them. Yeah I know it's like a very no I know I remember it out here all the time when invite people shows. Oh they're going to talk to me. It's like they're not gonNA talk to you. Yeah there's there's one that's really the big difference we club. Is that the clubs. They still will talk to you. I know and ask for things. I've just never do it and make fun of whatever you say. Yeah and we're kind of music you like. Oh of course look at that shirt no matter what you say could've known by the shirt. I should've known by the glasses. You're going Shane Mumford. Inch and I'm just feeling silly I love you said the four minute mile thing too because when someone broke the five minute mile. That's when all these other runners breaking the minute. Well there's there is a collective unconscious in this case it's a collective conscious meaning. We now know it's possible. We now know caitlin Berlin possible. I'm going to now put on my shoes and in the stupidest way Seinfeld I would. I've been talking about bill lately. Neil and I were talking after he did the podcast and he he mentioned sign language and I was like that book changed my life. It's when I realized what I think other guys think.

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