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Future worry for apple in China because things have been so smoothed there. Lately, CNBC has analysts from the consultancy China channel and market trackers. Catalysts and counterpoint research. Puzzling over an update to ten cents we chat, we chat started as a voice messaging service. According to the piece, though, it's added a lot of functionality and is on the verge of becoming much more important to users quoting the report, the we chat update, which came out last week involves a redesign in the way many programs apps within the app are presented with that change users now essentially have a second home screen on their phone said Matthew Brennan co founder and managing director at consultancy China channel that's got Canelas analysts Thuan on win saying with we chat moving toward solidifying the many programs position there. Could be serious ramifications for apple services business, which it has been focusing on the counter, plateauing hardware sales. The advantage that we chat many program brings is not only concentration of apps into one popular platform, but it's very enticing to developers especially start ups and independent operations who have limited resources to focus on one single apps store. The supposition, and the piece is that we chat could sort of do away with platform preferences, for hardware that people start living the whole of their digital lives in we chat, and we on the same on iphone as it is on Android. Why would people pay more for iphone? Mang Mang John Beijing based analyst at counterpoint research seems to see that as a distinct possibility with over a billion active users per month Zhang's quoted as saying we chat is your Facebook your credit card. You're uber. You're Amazon altogether. Some even say China's operating system is we chat, not Google's Android or Apple's. I o s. All of that said, it seems we can put this in the tick ler file in the near term says catalysts, win high value segments of content such as mobile gaming. We'll still stay on the main platforms instead of moving the we chats many programs China channels, Brandon would seem to agree. The Ps has him indicating the mini programs on we chat are not designed to be very big and are unlikely to compete against the games that feature on Apple's op store. That makes the worry sound less like people on IOS switching.

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