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Thank you so much for joining us. Thanks for having me pre right off the bat. Let me just ask you this. How disappointed where you're South Asian parents that you do not become a doctor? It's it's it's actually a bit of a sore point. My mom will we made a couple of medical videos, and actually we had partnered with Stanford medical school to do them. I'm forty three. Now. This was I was probably this is when Khan Academy had already become a real thing. I I must have been about thirty six thirty seven when my mom found out about those videos. She literally asked me whether I could now get a little credit for Mets faster. Did you make joking? Did you make? I know when we talk about our parents were never joking. Did you do that in part to appease them in part? Maybe. Did nothing it just it. Just amplified the disappointment. How'd you how'd you pick the name? So so interesting the name Khan Academy. How did you? How did you come up with that? You know, hey, I'm actually quite sensitive about that. Because I fun of I used to make fun of people who would name things after themselves. I thought it was a very narcissistic thing to do. But in the early days of Khan Academy before it was even called kind of kademi when I was working with family members. I was writing software for them. And I wanted to call it something this was before I'd even made YouTube videos, and a lot of domain names were already taken up, and the one thing that was available was was kinda kademi. And the reason why I picked academy. I was almost a joke. It was me. And my family members my last name, and then my the kademi I thought it would be nice if it had an air of being something that could turn into an institution, and that's something that eventually I I do want it to turn into another dimension of it, even when we incorporated as a nonprofit that actually was a reason in a pseudo strategic way while so wanted Convair because an for profit. I don't own any shares. There's no formal. Lover of control. But I thought, hey, you know, at least if my name's on it. They would only fire me in an extreme circumstance that would have to find another con or they would have to change the name. Although, you know, pecan academies. It sounds cool and it works if your name if I'd done this. I'm not sure Berar academy would have worked. It's too many syllables. I think he's got a ring to it. But if you had if you had a podcast, you might call it. Stay tuned with pre. So I put my name in it also. So I so I also can't be judgment. So a lot of people may not be familiar with the amazing story of how Khan Academy started. So you disappointed your parents by not going to medical school? Maybe made them feel a little bit better by going to a hedge fund, and you're a hedge fund guy and explain what happened. Yeah. My real training and background was in tech..

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