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You know probably i would say yes i'd say yes i would i would say you are disobeying a woman's direct orders in the bedroom correct it might be raped dot com in them could be the legal leila an links here but i i would assume that yeah you a woman gave you two rhetoric western abedin and you violated it that sounds like i mean that's pretty hard large lodged argue with right there so that's pretty hard large not i'm not not yet not yet we got this guy's is more concerned over being rude yes because that's so good it's a valid point i don't know what will where we're going to learn a lot from each other i'm probably gonna learn a lot more from you these being the elder statesmen here but we did a podcast actually did a josh wolff not too long ago where i said there's the crisis so like an epidemic going on and i know you feel this where like guys are age will just like rather than upset you come in you and potentially have a kit whereas like i just wanna go with the flow so bad and not make things awkward i'll never speak up i'll never say what's wrong i'll never go against just i just go with the flow to the point that it is wildly detrimental to my life i've been very raped a bunch of times like i can't count i came in i came in a couple weeks ago i told kevin i says look i had a ton of sex on sunday and it was my dick would go off and she'd be playing with it and she's like i don't wanna have sex and she just jump on actually got raped.

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