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Com and schedule your free estimate today. And a surprise announcement today from the house January 6th committee, it is adding a hearing tomorrow to present evidence it says it recently obtained this after the committee said last week there would be no more hearings until July. Joining us now live to talk more about this is NBC nightly news anchor Lester holt, Lester, this committee announcement is sparking a lot of speculation many people I think are thinking blockbuster, perhaps, but what are you hearing about it? Well, we're not hearing a lot that committee is not saying who the witness is and they're kind of sticking to that language that's some new material or new information has emerged, but it is certainly led to a lot of speculation. I won't necessarily engage in that, but you can certainly understand last week they were saying that was it until late July and now something that clearly they think is urgent enough that the American people need to hear sooner rather than later. Let's turn to what's happening on the state level following last week's Supreme Court ruling on abortion that overturned roe V wade. Your colleague Cynthia mcfadden investigated a state funded crisis pregnancy center in Texas. What did you find? Yeah, she went to look at these centers in Texas, which happened to outnumber abortion clinics substantially. They don't offer abortions they offer information and counseling and alternatives to abortion. But they also are dispensing information and our team took a look at some of that information and questions about whether it is accurate. And also pointing out that these are largely public funded these crisis pregnancy centers. So we took a deep look into that tonight. Breaking news this afternoon involving an Amtrak train derailment in Missouri we're seeing some dramatic images what do we know so far? Well, the early reports is the train may have struck a truck that was crossing the tracks. We have seen pictures primarily from social media, the train lying on its side and there are report of some casualties, no firm numbers right now, but we're going to continue to watch that and we'll have all the latest tonight on 19 years. One more thing you have your NBC News Intrepid reporter, Richard Engel with an exclusive one on one as part of the Aspen ideas festival tomorrow tell us about that. Yeah, interview with president zelensky, who has not done a lot of interviews of late, but Richard and the president had kind of a interesting conversation about the Russians and about the particular brutality of some of their actions that have been witnessed what many are calling war crimes. And he reflects on that, trying to understand how people that once lived together as part of a union could now be so divided. So we'll hear that today as well as they have the latest from Ukraine where there have been attacks Russian attacks and parts of the country that have not been struck before including a shopping mall that where there may be a number of casualties. NBC News nightly NBC nightly news anchor Lester holt NBC nightly news airs at 7 on NBC four of a head on double DT op will take it back out to Nats park as the Nats get ready to host the pirates. 5 14. We

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