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It's going to go to one morning on Costian. Richard sued the padres take with the eighth overall pick, and why this bizarre draft, maybe one of the most important in major league baseball history will tell you why tomorrow we'll see. It's six on Xtra Thirteen, sixty and FM one zero three. I Landon Donovan GonNa Join US coming up in our number two coming up our number, three Dr, Richard Lap check will join us, and we will talk to him. About the role of sports, as we start talking social justice and How Different Leagues are at handling? Issues of race. Equality, hiring practices, this is a big part of what Dr Richard Lap does on I did a little bit of background reading on this earlier, and he gives out grades for how leagues or structured etc, how a diversity diversity hiring things along those lines and. I thought that baseball would be pretty bad at this baseball actually is not too terrible at this. It's just you know it's that it's so diverse. It's just diverse in a different way. It's diverse in that you don't have a lot of black players, but you do have. It's national international players right? A lot of people from the Dominican Republic Venezuela CETERA and. Their manager hiring is is okay so. It's an interesting because you know sometimes you can. You can draw incorrect conclusions, and then you can go to people who studied this sort of stuff. Basil makeup of of the players. Betsy right right now, and that's that's a baseball thing. I mean I think that's also a young thing as it relates to baseball, so yeah, we'll. We'll speak with him coming up a little later on really just a what a what a story on Dr Richard Object and I really do hope that some of you who are searching unless you think well that conversation fizzled out, didn't it? You know it sort of came and went and I. Don't think so I think it's putting park. Park for quite a while, and I think somebody who's who's devoted his entire life to the subject matter. Literally he's devoted his entire life to the subject matter, so I can't think of too many people who were going to make us smarter than Dr Richard. Lap joining us in our number three and let me great and to your point on wondering if people are thinking. Hey, you know it's going to be back burner now the. Protests protests are are pretty much over the funeral. George Floyd was laid to rest yesterday. There seems to be the buzz gun away..

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