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Reverse the laugh. Joe twenty eight David John is our guest tonight. I think that you know, a lot of really important things happen a lot. Like, I said a war of words, division, strife, social media had a lot to do with it me too. But another I think another important thing was we were we were seeing the last gasps of of what we can call the mass shootings or the school shootings. And the and the fight with the NRA and the problems we've been having with the, you know, the the the divide and the anger and everything that comes afterward. I think one of the biggest polarizing events were they think February was the shooting at the the parkland school in Florida where you know, this is where we were introduced to a number of young people who were very vocal about gun control. A lot of people said they were being used. We just heard that David Hogg who. One of the more animate speakers against gun control is going to be enrolled in Harvard. He's got a gig at Harvard. He made the news just yesterday about that. And I'm just curious if you have anything about the parkland school, maybe David hog and some of the things he had to say, and what you what he was feeling in verse. Well, look, I have a dog. But assist Ford swearing his head off. Oh, I know he was sweating signing already signed. Button. Okay. Well, he has too many. I can't meet it too many times. So if he's saying Johnny swearword, let me just play the reversal. Turn it down for you can play the reversal. Listen to see if there's if there's anything in there that says going to be because I I was thinking it'd be interesting to hear what David Hogg had to say. And so I'm hoping that there isn't too many swearwords in their bees. Yeah. He has a foul mouth when he's off camera. So did we listen to it? I haven't listened to it. So we'll go ahead and listen to it. I got to turn down seeing listen to it. So listen to it. Maybe if we could just avoid the swearing and just get into the reversal that might work too. So I don't know if that can be done we just hear what he said and reverse because you know, who knows what he said forward. So let's check in with David David. Did you play yourself? Okay. I just listen can't do that. Then I'm sorry. I hope we'd done both of them. But just play the reversal of you can dead killer writes it. You know, it's interesting that you know, I have to dump you know, at least twice. No problem. I mean, it's you know, I I figured that. Maybe something we hope we got both of what he had to say. But it just goes to show you that, you know, this is the guy that, you know, he's he's just you know, he's he's in the public eye. He went he did his speech at the White House. He actually come off looking like Hitler in a lot of ways Nazi youth and just say anything bad about him. Got you in trouble. I mean, there are people on Fox News saying that this kid something about him is not right. And then now we tried to play reversal on him any swearing up. A storm may have to dump it twice that we played backward. And he says something about killer, writes it or whatever. Which makes you which makes me think that, you know, I don't know it just it just once again adds to my for this young, man. It is a sense of pride in Wadi sign. Yeah. Anyway. I've got another reversal from. School shooting Marjory Douglas. On. That's my redacted different pockets at pine bark. Yes..

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