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State emergency management agency to lead recovery efforts, a 50 year old man was killed in dozens of people hurt when 90 mile an hour winds caused the roof of the Apollo theater in Belvedere to collapse during a heavy metal concert. Nancy hardy, one O 5 9 wbms. A Chicago public schools teacher is arrested for stalking mayor Lori Lightfoot. 36 year old Garrett mclin is charged with two felony counts of stalking after a confrontation with officers outside of mayor lightfoot's home earlier this week. Police say mclin was arrested on the Logan square block where the mayor lives. He's also charged with disorderly conduct and several counts of resisting a police officer, sources close to lightfoot, say mclin has appeared outside the mayor's house on at least one other occasion. Channel 11 reports meglin is a physical education teacher and a track and field coach at taft high school. Mayor lightfoot said in a statement, no one, including an elected official, should have to experience threats of physical harm regardless of their political ideology. One O 5 9 W BBM. Chicago firefighters battled an extra alarm house fire this morning on the south side. It happened near 87th in Houston in the south Chicago neighborhood, officials say the flames broke out just before 5 a.m. and a two and a half story home as of this hour, no injuries have been reported. A teenager will remain behind bars after being arrested in bowling brook and linked to numerous burglaries in recent months. Andy Dane has more. 18 year old Carlos Hernandez Cruz is charged with burglary to a motor vehicle, possession of burglary tools and a stolen firearm, resisting arrested several other offenses. It was arrested near the 100 block of Grady drive where bowling brick police were responding to reports of an attempted burglary to a vehicle. During his arrest, police recovered several burglary tools, along with items from several different vehicle burglaries reported over the last 5 months, a stolen gun at illegal drugs were also found, a judge has now denied bond for Hernandez Cruz. That's the story from bowling brook. A reminder, when you want to listen to wbm on your phone, download the free Odyssey app and click the word follow for easy access. Or if you're at home and have a smart speaker, just ask it to play

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