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Novel Corona Virus that Chinese virus. Trump's repeated use of the term KSM as Asian Americans across the United States reported a rash of hate crimes including a number of assaults Asian New York City subway riders. This is New York state. Senator John Lou. We have this long legacy not a great legacy of being termed a yellow peril from over one hundred years ago and unfortunately trump calling this. The Chinese virus only perpetuates this notion of yellow peril and those are some of the headlines. This is democracy now democracy now dot org the war and peace report when we come back we will look at the economy we will look at corporations getting exclusive rights to drugs and we will look at the Global South. This is democracy now. We're broadcasting from the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States. New York City. Stay with us Two way balm in Gilead by Nina Simone. And we're going to be speaking about a different gilead in a moment. The Gilead Corporation. This is democracy now democracy now dot Org the Warren Pace report. I'm Amy Goodman in New York City. The epicenter of the pandemic in the United States joined by my colleague. My Co host Nermeen Shea. Who is joining us to protect? Community spread against community spread joining us from her home in New York City. Heiner mean.

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