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Always give my advice amen. I wouldn't borrow more than a hundred thousand dollars to go to school. 'cause I wouldn't want that pressure in it But is is there for you? You deal in financial literacy you deal and helping with student that For those kids that have to borrow to go Is there is there to you. A certain range that is safety. Think TO PUT THAT INVESTMENT. Any the cool. Yeah it's it's a great question I think everyone's situation's different one size fits all so. I think everyone needs to think about what they're hoping to get out of out of their education what their dream job is and how education helps up. Set them up to Jeeva Everyone is different. Everyone has different Plans for for their life. So it's a tough question. Tanner I think the one being bit. The we as a company and has naturally and me personally you know fuel is that Young we want people look back on that time you know whether it's it's Undergrad or graduate. School proudly in fondly is. Could you know it's some of the best time best memories best friends you're gonNA you're GonNa make we want you back on positivity not feel that Shrek burden that that comes with that debt so whatever we can do As a brand we feel like it's important To to do so again this is why we feel so importantly about the college debt program. Your three ten year commitment. It's something that we want to talk about it for a really long time because we feel strongly about it. Yeah I think Guinea investment when you look at school it is investment in yourself and it's time risk tolerance are the two things. Look at. Make sure you know how long have and what your risk tolerances for what you're going to be Last question I believe in all industries in our preneurs within the work for big companies like you or a Solo preneurs freelancer which is becoming more and more popular and common Life is about lessons and these lessons. Look keep coming until you learn. They result in pain. If you haven't learned a mental physical spiritual even financial pain Through your career. Which you've done so well and you landed in a position that you love. What's the number one lesson that you've learned so far man? What's a great question? The first thing that comes to mind is is approaching every every day every project Arena reaction as both an opportunity and as a learning lesson. I think if you go into those projects in those interactions of wanting and willing to learn you're always going to be better than next time around the next day the next project in win you approach those this projects or interactions. They feel like work they become work and they're yes less useful and you'RE GONNA develop yourself less so just having that mindset where you want to learn and challenge yourself I think is super important in that allows you to be successful as you progress in your career. That's that's the most important lesson that I've really taking heart in my career. That's awesome well. I'm going to finish up with the Dave Meltzer. Natty light and Bush out toes for you be kind your feed yourself and do good deeds is absolutely a pleasure having you on here. Blake. I appreciate your time. This is Dave Meltzer. Be Kind of future. Yourself and Bush is entrepreneurs the playbook by hope you enjoy this week's episode of the playbook as much as me on a personal note. I just wanted to thank everyone for making the playbook such a success. Don't forget to continue it by sharing subscribing and listening to your favorite episodes. Is Dave Meltzer with the playbook?.

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