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But we talked about it at the time. Of that injury. And we said of all the passing receiving combinations in the NFL that had at least fifty targets that Gough Cup. Combination was number one league in passer rating, and it just feels like he's he's missed from that often the other thing here that I noticed. The second big problem. And I don't know if you caught this or if you watch the second half or not and I are goal here to be fair and unbiased, and I think that's something our podcast emphasizes and stresses. And and I know a lot of people don't like to hear negative things about their favorite teams and players. But it just it's about being unbiased and honest, and so for as much as I've praised McVeigh who did he have a massive brain fart that basically cost his team last night. He called the final time out after that Josh Adams run on first down the two forty five market shouldn't have done that. Right. The eagles forced they were going to be forced to run a second play before the two minute warning anyways. So you should've saved that time out for after the two morning two minute warning. And he didn't. So after the two minute warning Doug Peterson calls run the clock leaks down to like one thirteen and then Elliott missed field goal. So basically McVeigh butchering the timeout situation cost is offense and causes team. Forty seconds roughly and. It was a massive mistake because they were pressed for time. I feel like they would have scored had another forty seconds on the board. And we would have seen that game going to overtime or would've taken a page out a Andy Reed's playbook there in for two. Yeah. Just incredible. The way that whole game on full. It's so much still at stake for the Rams trying to avoid the dome that doesn't look to really be much of a possibility. Now, they're remaining schedule. Not that all formidable within the division of believe they played Arezzo this week where they're heavy favorites. And I think they closed with the forty Niners. So be very interesting to see what this Rams offense looks like because they don't have that playoff pedigree. It's not as though this team has been there done that. And you trust them to be able to flip a switch another team pain. That's going to get back to the postseason for the first time since two thousand thirteen we go way back to Thursday night. I'm not gonna lie. I thought it was going to be the same old chargers. Anthony Lang getting out coached by Andy Reid. They were going to go into aero- head, which has been a house of horrors. And then all of a sudden over the final five minutes. They completely change the narrative and Philip rivers showed us a side of him that he hasn't shown against. Chiefs team. I like how efficient that offenses and they operate show freaking slow in. They have for while. Now feel some of the pace mushed idea. Just a slow offense. They had nine possessions all game and they put over four in twenty yards of offense. It it's just so rare to see a team that operates that slow be so officiant, I think you have to love the chargers overcoming adversity. You know, they're down three defensive starters. That are important. You're down Melvin gore Knauss and heckler Keenan Allen leaves early with a hip injury. Now with eight minutes to go. I was looking at the live wagering eight minutes ago in the fourth quarter, the charger fourteen to one in life. So someone probably cash pretty good there to me though. And I don't want to take away with the chargers did. But for me it was about the chiefs not being able to finish right? When that games on the line one of the biggest stages. Andy Reid kind of fell short again, three minutes to go..

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