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Who had the first degree murder warrants he exited his vehicle armed with a pistol appears to be a semi automatic pistol he opened fire on the officers as they attempted to apprehend police returned fire and injured the suspects he later died at the hospital authorities say the suspect was wanted in the twenty eighteen murder of an eighteen year old man in an apartment building lots in Zion meantime two people were killed including a retired police officer in a psychiatric patient early this morning at community hospital in Munster police say a nurse was being beaten by a psychiatric patient and two security guards both retired sheriff's officers responded there was a struggle and the patient got a hold of one of the guards guns and shot him to death the second guard then shot and killed the patient he was pronounced dead almost immediately he's identified as twenty two year old Jamal Williams of Lansing Illinois the security guard and retired officer fifty nine year old Ryan ask you of Crown Point was pronounced dead about an hour and a half later a flag draped Gurney was wheeled out with his body and there was a procession of police cars accompanying the body to the morgue sheriff Oscar Martinez told the northwest Indiana times he knew both officers worked under them and he said this is shocking to the whole department in monster Mike Krauser newsradio one oh five point nine FM WBBM news time five thirty three Attorney General Kwame rule says he was told today that he's tested positive for the corona virus he says his symptoms are mild but says you self isolating at home and talking to people with whom he may have come into contact the state department public health today reported six hundred and twenty three new cases of covered nineteen statewide seventy nine additional deaths linked to the virus meantime the Republican Party is suing governor Pritzker over his executive order limiting gathering sizes of ten people are fewer at this stage of the pandemic Illinois Republican Party says churches get to have gatherings larger than political parties do and that forced the GOP to have its state convention online last weekend instead of in person the Illinois GOP alleges in a federal suit that the governor's executive order violates the first and fourteenth amendments in the political parties ought to be allowed to have larger gatherings as they get ready for the November general election the state GOP is also critical of governor Pritzker for breaking his own order by appearing with hundreds of others recently at a black lives matter protest in the south suburbs Bernie to for it newsradio one oh five point nine FM some high school football coaches say time is running out on whether there will be a season this year number of Chicago public league football coaches have told the sun times they've been told there's no time line to allow school to participate in stage one of the I. S. HA returned to play plant foreman football coach could L. Hayes says he's very worried there will be a season the IHSA released the guidelines back on June fifth and schools with this proposal could begin voluntary strength conditioning June six a CPS spokesperson says they're working on it Hayes says the C. P. as want to return to school day before they'll talk about a return to play date that Cassidy newsradio one oh five point nine FM around the nation the man accused of killing Santa Cruz County sheriff's sergeant in an ambush earlier this month is now charged in the separate killing of a federal protective guard in Oakland U. S. attorney Dave Anderson says Stephen curry appears to be part of a far right extremist movement called boogaloo based on social media activity in a patch on his vest used.

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