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Con from Beverly. We featured your your neighborhood here last week. Were you listening? Yes. Itwas by the way. Have you been the top notch? Berger recently? Oh, yeah. Rainbow cone? Yes, Absolutely. Yeah, There's your perfect meal right there a hamburger and that on some ice Charlie's Angels inspired a couple of movies in 2000 and 2003. And then in 2009 ABC actually tried to revive Charlie's Angels. But with the reboot was a flop. So you know I can't go back and create that magic again. Right? Well, Mary, what? What do you got lined up for today. Just a way to work. What do you do? Um, they entry Data entry. You said Yes. What does that mean? Exactly? Uh, just, um, entering some information for the, um Sort of company. How mysterious are you in the CIA? By any chance, Mary? No, no. All right. Well, uh, you're on the road right now. No, I'm probably going in a few minutes. All right. Well, before you leave the house, hang on. We'll get your address so we can get that price to you. Good talking to you. Thanks for listening and congratulations to you. Thank you so much fun. Hold on, 6 45, and let's get to our cloudy morning here and what's in store for you today. Steve. Bob. I'm just kinda interested. How quickly did you know when you first watch Charlie's angels? That Charlie was John Forsythe immediately? Did you really Well, you know, I'm I even remember bachelor father, So you know, that's that's just me. But you didn't. I remember it took me a couple of episodes before I realized that that's who it was. Cause I didn't I don't remember looking at the screen to see the credits at the beginning. But then when I realized who was that, Oh, well, that's easy and should have known that. Admit it. You had the Farrah Fawcett poster and the hair do for awhile as well. I would love to see that it's gonna be mostly sunny. Today we'll see high near 40 and the lakefront temperature of 35 Today. Clear and cold Tonight alot of 25, then Sunshine tomorrow.

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