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It says right in the call. I don't want google so i'm like okay. This person is a who like the caller said because their company is not powerful cheese code. Exactly it's chico. The answer is right in front of me if you are a who. There's probably a very explicit and detailed bio of you somewhere. I bet you that this company is lazy and just pulled it from something. They googled and so i just typed in stevie wonder prince. Willie nelson lenny kravitz appalachian chase and then at the end. Grammy nominated and guess what i fucking found numb almost near the top google result. John batiste because somewhere on some website on the internet he gave someone a bio and the bio was all of that ship. Right and i was like. Oh it's him. I'm kate spade at his co. chat. I found all the stuff that he's appeared. And yes he is a fucking musician. He's a jazz musician. He is the bandleader on the late. Show the teams. He's played with so many musicians for because he's this extremely classically trained musician. Who played every co bears bandleader for a good amount of time. Yeah so i was like oh god this is a stupid. I spent an hour looking this and it was the easiest thing in the world and that makes more sense than nick makes much more sense. It's true yes it's so job. Tees up play some of his music here. It is gotta say stunning so enjoy.

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